If you are operating in an area where your feet are at risk, then it is essential to protect them with a suitable pair of work shoes for men. If you don’t know how to choose them, you can start by reading our buying guide, it will inform you about the different existing standards and the importance of considering them in your final choice; Indeed, it is by taking the time to inform yourself well beforehand that you will make the right choice and properly protect your feet! In the following article, we offer you a selection of the best models for men according to their standard: SB / P, S1, S1P, S2, and S3.

These are the best work shoes for men

  • Timberland Pro Euro Hiker 2G S3 SBP
  • Safety Jogger Kronos
  • Elten 2478-45 Bruno
  • Timberland Pro Splitrock XT S3
  • Elten 2478-45 Bruno

The best models of SB / SBP standard

Timberland Pro Euro Hiker 2G S3 SBP

The Timberland Pro Hiker S3 SBP are high-top work shoes for men that meet the S3 SBP standard. In addition to being resistant to hydrocarbons, they incorporate a steel tip and a steel anti-perforation plate. The nitrile outsole offers slip resistance and heat resistance up to 300 ° C. The exterior is 100% leather. They will not be very heavy to wear, the sole being comfortable, you can have them on your feet for several hours without suffering any particular discomfort. With a modern and understated style, it will surely appeal to those who prefer a simple, no-frills design. In any case, Timberland has brilliantly combined quality, safety, and style. A real success! The shoe is available in brown and black, and from size 40 to 47 .

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The best S1 standard models

Safety Jogger Kronos

For the S1 standard, we have chosen an essential model from the famous manufacturer Safety Jogger: the Kronos. Rather reminiscent of hiking shoes, they are perfectly designed to protect our feet. The Kronos will be more suitable for an indoor user rather than an outdoor one. These low shoes feature a shell in the front to protect the toes from an impact of up to 200 joules and a puncture-proof steel plate. The lining is synthetic and the collar is well padded for more comfort. The sole is made of rubber, resistant to heat up to 200 ° C, and of course, also resistant to oils and hydrocarbons. It is also non-slip and anti-static. This shoe is unisex and is available in size36 to 47 .

The best S2 standard models

Elten 2478-45 Bruno

On the same standard, we judged that the Elten Bruno shoe deserved its place in this ranking. Entirely in waterproofed cowhide/nubuck leather, it has a steel toe cap that protects against 200 joules shocks, has an energy-absorbing heel, is resistant to oils and hydrocarbons, and, according to the manufacturer, is the first shoe. antistatic soft fleece. The Basic Red sock liner is approximately 50% lighter than similar soles. It has very good resistance to wear and humidity and is antibacterial. The outsole is non-slip and is heat resistant up to around 130 ° C. Finally, it is a PU (polyurethane) sole, ensuring good shock absorption. Look level, it makes you think more of a safety sneaker than a classic shoe, but we like it. The Ellen Bruno is available from size 39 to 50.

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The best S3 standard models

Timberland Pro Splitrock XT S3

The Splitrock XT is also a safe bet in terms of the S3 standard. Available in brown and black, this model is really very elegant. But elegance is not everything, and the Splitrock is above all particularly reassuring. The latter is composed of a steel toe cap and anti-perforation plate, a nitrile sole guaranteeing resistance to sliding, oils, and hydrocarbons, and heat by contact up to 300 ° C. It is also anti-static and its oiled leather design is water-resistant. Comfort and flexibility level, it is remarkable. This work shoe will be ideal for carrying out both light and heavy work. It is available in sizes 40 to 47.

Caterpillar Spiro S3 SRC

We end this ranking with a new pair of Caterpillar, the Spiro S3. It is a shoe offered in 3 colors: yellow, brown and honey. In terms of characteristics, the Spiro meets all the requirements of an S3 standard shoe that is to say: antistatic, energy absorption of the heel, resistance to oils and hydrocarbons, impermeability of the upper, and insertion of an anti-perforation sole.

As with most models from Caterpillar, the design appears to be of a very high standard. The Spiro will offer excellent protection to the user, both in the heaviest environments (construction sites, agricultural land, industries, etc.) as well as in lighter ones. We are dealing with an excellent shoe, with a price that is not very high given its characteristics. Indeed, this is a pair that stands the test of time well, so the investment is definitely worth it. It is available in sizes 40 to 45.

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