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Today’s women fashion is not apart from luxurious and glamorous tones. There are a lot of designers try to put every luxurious tones in one single dress or gown for women. Recently, Igor Gulyaev declares Nouvelle époque which is the name of Spring-Summer 2015 fashion collection. It relies on the wide range of colors and textures, styles and times. All of them are well-kept on the power of modernity.

This fashion mainly uses silk materials. However, some this fashion plate also uses taffeta, organza and lace. All of them are well-kept in the delicate of mint, lavender and orchid. It is not only that, the fashion is also served in the delicate shapes of classic black.

It is not only Igor Gulyaev who designs full of luxurious dress, but Riccardo Tisci shows his competence. This time, Riccardo Tisci designs a new face of glamour. He designs the pleated skirts. He puts it on furs luxuriant and chiffon dress all-over butterflies, leopard and snakeskin print. Inspired by a woman in love, Riccardo improves classic design of a cashmere twin set, astrakhan coat, velvet high-waist skirt, black sheer gloves and tight, thin snakeskin belts and gold jewels.

All of these fashion designs can enhance the value of a woman. Some women believe this new interpretation of fashion style will reveal new face of aristocratic woman.

Another new women fashion style is shown by the plans for Mix Mara Spring Summer 2015. This fashion style puts unconventional woman who redefines the concept of beauty. The designers produce micro floral and geometric prints on the georgette dress and T-shirt and calfskin coat. The fashion style relies on strong shoulder line. This collection provides two length skirts, above the knee and mid calf. These two designs make the woman have choices to choose depending on the needs.

Moreover, the most women choose military blousons and smock effect pleated skirts. The basic materials of Mix Mara design is fashioned into fluid duster coats with the new feminine tones. It is not only that, Mix Mara also provides newest accessories. It produces lacquered white heels, the new bags, and cloche hats. Overcoat in the same fabric also offers great solution for the next winter. The collection is felt sexy with no trouser but only calf length pencil skirts worn completed by stockings.

All of those designs are created to make the women feel great and enjoy the meaning of beautiful through fashion appearance. Just choose your own dress and be happy.

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Fashion Ideas

How to dress for a job interview | styling tips



How to dress for a job interview. Our Personal Shopper gives you some styling tips to give a good image in your work appointments.

Each job has different dress code standards. Depending on what type of activities you are going to perform in it, you will have to wear one type of clothing or another.

There is only one first option to make a good first impression, so why not start with the look you wear to your job interview? Clothes convey a lot about people’s personalities.

And although the outfit you choose is very important, there is something that is much more so. Always go with a smile on your face and with a lot of positivity. People who transmit this type of sensation achieve their purposes much easier.

4 keys to choosing the outfit for a job interview

  1. Find out about the company. He searches for information on the Internet, even if necessary, he goes to the company to see the style of clothes that people are wearing as they come in and out of work.
  2. Don’t wear a new shirt or shoes. If you are not comfortable in the interview, you will not attend the interviewer and he will notice it.
  3. Dress according to the position you aspire to achieve. It is not the same to be a boss than an administrator.
  4. Go with the absolute assurance that you are dressed correctly.

If the company is innovative

Innovative company

The garments can be more current and the colours bright. The shoes can be any type, even with a platform, and the accessories can be designer.

  • If you have curves: Black pants will always make you feel comfortable. If you have cartridge belts, avoid being high-waisted (not going higher than the hips). As it is a cutting-edge company, you can afford to wear skinny pants. A winning choice will always be the shirt, it will convey professionalism, elegance and will match everything. Choose it in white to convey freshness and get them to look at your face.
  • If you are thinner: You can use colours with a little more contrast. If your way of speaking is somewhat aggressive, avoid the red-black mixture, as it carries this feeling inherent. Instead, choose softer blends like pastel and black. If you are low-cut, we advise you to wear a scarf to cover that area during the interview, to get the attention you deserve. You can choose a necklace as a compliment and a jacket to complete the look, this will give you that seriousness to achieve the job.

If the company is classic

Classic company

Wear classic clothes but with a modern touch. It is one thing to appear serious and another thing ancient. The colours should be neutral, with no flashy tones. Do not wear heels with too much heel, they should be intermediate. You can use a complement to give it your personal touch but without being too ostentatious.

If you have curves: Choose a brown suit. This colour is more neutral and less aggressive than black. Combine it with a white shirt, it will create a harmonious contrast. The dark part will decrease the volume and the light part will attract your attention by making them look at your face.

If you are thinner: A set in light colours is perfect. It reflects light and will add a bit of volume. Add a jacket in a darker shade, within the same range, to compensate. Keep in mind that if you are wearing a dress, it must be straight. Don’t forget that you aspire to work for a classic company. Try adding a few plugins.

Inspiration to dress in a job interview

If you want to be inspired for your job interview in a more classic company, below you can see the best looks.

street style londres fashion week septiembre 2016 dia 3

How to dress to go to the office in autumn with an elegant look More

Olivia Palermo. Gabardina

Victoria Beckham

Victoria Beckham |   ✿ Pinterest: ℓuxulƗrɑv | IG:  @ℓuxuriousuℓƗrɑvıoℓeƗ ✿

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Fashion Ideas

How to wear white fashion in winter | coldest fashion



The colour of the snow inspires the coldest fashion to face the cold winter. Sign up for the polar look!

Who said white is only for summer? Polar white is also a trend in winter fashion. To cope with the cold, bet on warm, polar or fur fabrics. But do you know how to wear it? Next, we give you the keys to the polar white look for winter.

How to wear polar white in winter

Single colour

A monochrome set in white is a safe bet for an elegant, sophisticated and very bright style. You can also combine white in a harmonious look with nude tones such as beige or pale pink.

White coat

white fashion

With a touch of colour!

Give life to the polar white outfit with accessories in contrasting colours like red, grey, brown … Really white, like black, goes with everything!

white fashion

Fashion looks in polar white to face winter

If you like the polar look this winter, get a knitted dress, pants, sweater, and a long white coat.

Un invierno muy blanco. #WhiteWinter

Vamos a comenzar la semana con un poco de inspiración en color blanco.  Collage Vintage The nothern light Apartment 34 Dust jacket attic Just like sushi  Lolobu Stockholm street style     La cool et chic Se dice que es un color propio del verano, pero también es perfecto para llevar durante estos días fríos ya que ilumina nuestros […]

looks-en-tonos-nude-para-invierno-2017 (10) - Beauty and fashion ideas Fashion Trends, Latest Fashion Ideas and Style Tips

Amo el Blanco!!!

Jlo ...fabulosity

Todos los outfits de moda

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