Women‘s blouses are key pieces that every woman needs to have in the wardrobe, after all, it is an essential item to complement the look.

Currently, there are many models of women‘s blouses that are true bets of the season and others that are true classics such as the tank top, the body, the cardigan, among other options that always come back in fashion.   

We will show you how versatile blouses can be easily inserted into your looks, check it out!

Women’s Blouses - How to wear daily?

Although it seems like a simple question, many women still question how to wear women’s blouses - and they match a certain situation. So, we will help you with this question so that you don’t miss any more compositions with your favorite blouses!

When you have a more casual event, you can invest in a printed blouse so that the look is full of style and still stand out in the production. The rule is clear: when combining the look with a printed blouse, the other pieces must be neutral like black or nude so that the look is not so loaded and this is also true for accessories.

Now, if you have a more romantic style or are going to participate in any event of this type, you will definitely want to invest in the gypsy blouse model, the one with the slumped shoulders and some pieces that have ruffles. To complete this production, you can invest in a pleated midi skirt to complete the romantic touch.

Many women prefer to bet on basic colors to invest in blouses, but you can go beyond basic colors like, for example, to work you can invest in a neon blouse and plaid pants with a more delicate print like the Prince of Wales and if the environment you are asking for you can invest in high-heeled sandals or white sneakers - a basic production but, still full of style and attitude!

Now tell me: what is your favorite blouse style? It is important to remember that blouse and shirt are different pieces, okay? The shirt is a more social piece, with buttons and a collar. The blouse, on the other hand, is a famous T-shirt and has a more informal character than the shirts.

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