Most of women in this world always dream of having a perfect body. There are definitely women out there who are insecure about how thin they are. It will be harder to know what styles and clothes will best suit their shape, because the wrong clothes and styles will make them look thinner.

In dressing their body, they also have to choose appropriate clothes to be matched with the weather of the days, especially winter. Choosing the most appropriate fashion for winter is important.

Winter street Fashion Style for Skinny Women

The first thing we should notice is the cloth of our clothes. In the winter, we have to avoid cotton cloth, because it will make us colder. It will be good if we wear thermal insulator cloth, such as wool, angora fleece, down feather, polar fleece, etc, because those cloths will protect us from cold temperature even make us feel warmer. Then, what best winter clothes which are appropriate for skinny women? It is good for them to wear jacket, sweater, or any winter clothe which made from insulator cloths, but still notice the following tips:

1. Avoid vertical stripes
Vertical stripes are good for those who are oversized, but it is worst for skinny women because it will make them look thinner. Skinny women are good to wear horizontal stripes on the top half to give their body some curves.

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2. Avoid dark colors
Black, brown, grey or any shade of dark colors will make skinny women even look thinner. If you want to give your body some curves, you have to wear bright colors, you may pick any color of a rainbow.

3. Use scarves
Most of women like to use scarves as one of the accessories to make them look prettier. Actually, this accessory is best choice to be worn by skinny women, because it will make their neck look less long even it will make them look fuller if it reach their bosom, thus giving them a hot look.

4. Take loose sweaters
Loose sweaters will not outline skinny women’s shape and even will make them feel more confident. Add tights or a narrow skirt for a complete look.

5. Take a layering
Layering a few pieces not only creates a more standout and fashion-forward look, but also gives the illusion of curves. Layer tops and accessories with chunky scarves will keep you warm during chilly months.

6. Avoid high heels
High heels will make skinny women look taller with no curves. Give preference to flats or boots, which will go with almost any type of outfit you choose.

Those are some tips which hopefully can inspire skinny women who still want to look fashionable in the winter. Let’s try!

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