Which One Do You Prefer: Briefcase Bag or Travel Bag? Travel bag is one of crucial properties that must be needed when we are going to travelling. In this article, there are two kinds of bag, travel bag and briefcase bag that will be compared for us based on the function.

Both are really different.   A travel bag is closely related with a family travelling trek while briefcase bag is a model of bag which is used as office outfits complement.  Talking more a travel bag, we commonly use it as the storage of anything else we bring for travelling. We must pack everything we need for travelling on the bag. Seem from the main function as the main storage for goods of travelling, it surely has been designed with bigger space of storage for making us easier to pack and store our goods. But for making our lives more effective,  now a travel bag has been designed with a design for a briefcase bag, too in  which such bag can be used for both: as a travel bag and a briefcase bag.

This kind of travel bag will give us to cover our business stuffs as well as family tour stuffs. There are two main kinds of size of travel bag that become our options: medium and big travel bags. If we prefer medium travel bag to the bigger one, it seems to be more suited for briefcase bag rather than a travel bag since it surely has limited space for storage.

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But if we are going use it  as dual functional bag, it is better for us to use a travel bag since we are capable to pack and store our stuffs either  business stuffs or family tour staffs. Moreover, this kind of travel bag is as matched as men travel bag as well as briefcase bag to store their business files and touring stuffs safely. They do not need to be worried with their business stuffs and touring stuffs since this kind of travel bag or briefcase bag is designed to be strong, fashionable, and multi functional designs (as travel bag and briefcase bag).

Beside it has multi functions, travel bagand briefcase bag will make anyone wearing them looks more fashionable since the design of travel bag is simple but still trendy and so elegant. There are some options of designs and colors of travel bag and briefcase bag. But the most favorite color options chosen by a lot of men are black and natural brown which represent the elegance, maturity , and of course the masculinity.