Although Biologique Recherche Singapore initially had its own single and original formula, the success of this product has spawned numerous variations that work with different types of skin.  If you want to know which variety works best with your skin type, here are some things you should know about the range of products:

Biologique Recherché Lotion P50V / P50 1970

If your skin is in the normal to dry side, you should try using the Lotion P50V or PVO 1970. This formula was made for people whose skin isn’t too sensitive or too strong.This range will do the job it promises to do, while also offering skin conditioning than the original P50 formula. This specific range has the additional materials of plankton and brewer’s yeast for heightened effectively.

BR Lotion P50 / P50 1970

The P50 is the original version of the Biologique Recherché formula. This formula doesn’t hold back— it is tough, rough, and raw. But you’ll be surprised to know that this is actually good for any skin type possible. What’s incredible about this formula is the fact that it has all the ingredients needed to produce the glow and softness you’ve always wanted for your skin. Some of the materials included in Biologique Recherché mix are myrrh extract, myrtle, sorrel, and onion. This blend isn’t the most appealing, especially when it comes to the sense of smell. However, this will definitely get the job done without issue.

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BR Lotion P50W / P50W 1970

The P50W / P50 W 1970 lotion is perfect if you have incredibly sensitive skin. You’ve probably had a lot of problems finding products that work if you have a skin that reacts to anything, especially glycolic material. P50W has a formula that balances salicylic acid and lactic acid with atriums lapper root and glycerin to make the product gentle and effective at the same time. And Finally Singapore’s Top Biologique Recherche Powerhouse; Lotion P50 PIGM 400

The P50 PIGM 400 is one of the newest products to grace Biologique Recherche’s incredible line of items.

This does not contain and phenol at all, making it ideal for people who have hyper pigmentation issues. This formula controls the pigmentation process, stimulates exfoliation, and brightens one’s skin with palm aria palmate extract, wasabi extract, and more. Skin care creams are getting thoroughly vital today and form a base foundation for treatments you can get at aesthetic clinics. If you’ve found this article searching for “biologique recherche Singapore” online, then it is our hope that you’ve discovered the information that will help you with your goals.

How To Buy Biologique Recherché Online And SAVE Money??

You may notice that there are stores beginning to mushroom all across Singapore selling Biologique Recherché, and you may have noticed that the prices can sometimes be eyebrow raising. So how do you buy the best biologique recherche products for yourself whilst saving money?

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Here’s a tip, you can actually make your purchase of these products through a different country.

For example, one store known as is able to get your favorite BR products to your home in Singapore and for a price which is between 20% to 30% cheaper than stores in Singapore.