When Dancing Means More than Just a Concept.
When the world has not recovered fully from the trend of a fancy dance, Gangnam style, many observers raised reviews and discussions on the brilliance of the choreography.

It might still clear in our memory how world famous singers are influenced by the styles. Britney Spears is one of them. Park Jae-Sang or well-known as Psy is a South Korean rapper who claims to spend intensive time and energy in creating the dance. His American education background seems to have shaped Psy into more than just a singer and entertainer, but also created a critical mindset and freedom of creativity in his personality and work.

Music industry in Korea is famous of its fabulous almost perfect-looking pop singer idols, mostly in bands. Both girl bands and boy bands are fanatically idolized in this new-raising star country. Perfectness seems to be the standard to be well desired by the fans.

Psy and his Gangnam style came in a totally opposite way. Yet, the satire behind the song and dance has made people grinned and amazed in the same time, realizing that the catchy words and choreography associate lots of common people of how extreme differences can be approached in light yet striking way of expressions.

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The most famous video watched on the internet, Psy’s video clip, has been accessed for over 150 million times. This shows how the song and dance relate and been accepted by lots of people from different backgrounds, all over the world. He really knows how to dance in a manner that various cultures can easily relate. Famous singers to ordinary teenagers fall in love with this style and it soon becomes a booming.

What interests more people to enjoy this new trend, can be concluded as follows:

1. Social context

When art is associated with certain context, it speaks louder and has bigger impacts on people since it hits precisely on the issues brought on the expression. A smart pop singer will not only pick classical themes for his or her song but play with social context.

2. Simplicity

Easy to listen, understand, sing and imitated are keys to popular songs. Audience wants to get entertained and Gangnam style with its famous horse-riding movements in simple to catch. Easy listening music seems to reach more listeners nowadays.

3. Sense of humor in delivering critiques

When some choose to speak their mind out loud in rock styles, Psy offers a light, funny way to speak his mind. The story behind exclusivity and irony are experienced both in the West and East, thus the humor is universal. People without any knowledge on how to dance well can remember the movements and imitate it easily. They perform the dance in various fun activities, such as mass aerobic event.

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