Tips for choosing the style that best suits your body and the colour that stands out according to your skin and hair tone.

With summer, it’s time for the beach or the pool, and it’s time to put on a bikini! Do you know which model suits you? Take advantage of the sales to get the bikini that best suits you, depending on whether you are taller or shorter, wide or narrow, and colour, depending on whether you are whiter or brown.

Tips to get your bikini right

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Bikini suitable according to your body

Tips to hit the bikiniAdvice from our Personal Shopper to choose the right bikini to enhance our virtues and hide our little complexes: if we have a lot or little chest if we do not like our hips or have a tummy …

Bikinis according to your chest

Choose bikini according to chestFind out which top of swimsuits and bikini suits you best depending on whether you have more or less chest.

Bikinis according to your hair

Bikinis according to your hair colorChoose the colour of your swimsuit or bikini according to your hair. We help you find the best colour for you depending on whether you are blonde, brunette, brown or redhead.

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