Philadelphia is less than 150 kilometers from New York, which may be a good option to include it in the route of the main cities of the North American East Coast. It is a city that brings together a great deal of history (the nerve center of opposition to the colonial policy of Great Britain, and is designated as the capital of the new nation at the beginning of the War of Independence) on the Independence of North America.

It is a fairly comfortable city to get to the main monuments, they are quite close to each other, it is an easy city to drive.

The city center (Philadelphia)

The Independence National Historic Park is an L-shaped park where the largest number of buildings to visit are agglutinated, from here you have access to Independence Hall and the Liberty Bell Center. To be able to visit both, stop by the visitor center to collect the tickets for free.

The first mandatory stop will be the Liberty Bell (the bronze bell that commemorated the 50th anniversary of the Charter of Privileges ); the Independence Hall, the cradle of the North American government (it has different passes throughout the day and the last one is at 4:30 p.m.), once you are inside, you will have a ranger who will tell you the history of North American independence, hard approximately 35-40 minutes the visit; behind it, is Independence Square.

These buildings close at approximately 17:00, come early and you can visit them without rushing and without queues. Other points of interest are the National Constitution Center (presents the Constitution of the United States); the Library Hall  (which keeps a copy of the Declaration of Independence); Franklin Court, which is a street with a row of houses in homage to Benjamin Franklin. From this park you can also take the buses that run through the city, there is a great offer and the prices are very similar, as a general rule the tickets are for two days.

Taking Market St, you arrive at City Hall (15th St), one of the most outstanding buildings in the city, which in its lower part has a viewpoint overlooking the city, from here you can take a walk around Rittenhouse Square, where you will see the pond with a large number of statues and the buildings of the financial district. It is one of the areas of the city where the largest number of shops and restaurants are concentrated.

The Museum District

This district is home to the largest number of museums in the city, some that may be interesting are the Rodin Museum (where you can see the work The Thinker) or the Academy of Natural Sciences Museum (with a good collection of dinosaurs).

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The East of the City

In this area is Penn’s Landing (between Market St and Lombard St), from where several cruises on the Delaware River with alcohol purposes depart, or what has been alcoholic cruises. From here you will be able to see the longest suspension bridge in the world, the Benjamin Franklin Bridge (2.8 kilometers). It is a quite lively area, full of bars and restaurants, it is recommended that you stay on Front Street between 2nd Street and Arch Street.

The South of the City

There’s Society Hill, a residential neighborhood between  Front St and  8th St; the Italian quarter with its Italian Market (S 9th between Wharton St and Fitzwater St) and the South St, full of shops and restaurants with a certain alternative point and very oriented to the university community. The interest of this area is in walking to see the atmosphere of the houses and the inhabitants of this area of ​​the city.

To the north of the city

The university area is frankly dispensable, the most interesting part may be the Institute of Contemporary Art (free admission), and from here you can get to 30 th St Station (Market St with 30th St). A neoclassical train station, it is frankly beautiful and essential within the tour of the city (although it is a bit remote).

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If you have a little more time, include the following areas in the route: Fairmount Park, is a huge park, they say bigger than Central Park, where you will be able to rent bicycles and take very interesting routes; Germantown (it’s less than half an hour from the city center); Chestnut Hill, is a street lined with historic houses, shops and restaurants; and   Chinatown.

Shopping around town

Unlike other North American cities near this one such as New York or Boston, the range of stores is not so attractive. The reference streets are Chestnut Street and Walnut Street, in them you can find the main American brands (the Banana Republic or Armani Exchange ) and some Italian ones.

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If you leave the city, you can go to Philadelphia Premium Outlets (18 West Lightcap Road in Limerick), it is 45 minutes from the city, the most comfortable thing is to go by car. It has a total of 150 stores with the main North American brands. Head over to the Michael Kors stores, it has a good selection of bags and accessories, in clothing, its t-shirts are worth it ($ 49.99); Kate Spade, is bigger than Woodbury Common Premium Outlet in New York, and now in summer it has very good prices.

Other interesting stores for their offer on footwear are Cole Haan (sandals for $ 69 and ankle boots for the fall/winter season for $ 159) and Steve Madden (this store has just opened and you can find a wide selection of sandals and footwear for fall/winter).

Calvin Klein also has great deals on jackets ($ 59.99),  J. Crew has great prices on cotton t-shirts ($ 19.99) and shorts ($ 29.99), at Brooks Brothers you can find men’s polo shirts for $ 49.50.

For makeup and creams, The Company Store is a very good option, it has the MAC, Clinique, and Lancôme brands at excellent prices. The gloss has an average of $ 7 -10 $, the lipsticks at $ 12 -15 $, and the day and night creams, you can find them for $ 25 -46 $.

Do not forget to get the Vip brochure and the discount coupons, you only have to register on their page, and once registered, select this outlet and print the Vip brochure (which you will have to exchange at the Visitor Center that is in the Food Court) and coupons. Keep in mind, that together with the offers that the products already have, these discount coupons are added to the total discounts, being able to get very good offers.

To go out for drinks & dinner

If you still want to go out and have a drink in the city, one of the areas with the most atmosphere is without a doubt Front Street in front of Penn’s Landing Bridge. But if what you want is to see a concert, stop by the Trocadero Theater (1003 Arch Street), they have very interesting alternative groups.

A little further outside and you’ll have to go by subway, is the Johnny Brenda’s concert hall/bar (1201 N. Frankford Ave), the latter has a very good offer of concerts almost every day at a good price. The subway line is Market / Frankfort and the stop is Girard Avenue stop, once you exit, it takes 5 minutes to get to the premises.

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If you dare to take the subway, remember that it will be cheaper if you buy the “Token” at the machines (you have to pay the exact price, it does not return change). If you are going to spend this summer in Philadelphia.

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