Choose the pants that best suit you according to your body. Skinny, flared, straight … They won’t suit you if you’re tall or short, thin or curvy.

Pants for slim women

  • Objective. Take advantage of the slenderness but create the optical effect of a curvy woman.
  • Trick. Your allies are the fabrics that give body without putting on extra kilos such as leather and satin fabrics that highlight the curves. Choose embellished pants in the small and tall embellished back pockets to create volume and highlight that area.
  • Your pants. If you are tall, the narrow skinny pants without being glued. Flared trousers with a high, fitted waist will look great as well as rolled-up ankle-length jeans. If you are short, choose straight or narrow pants but always long, fisherman-type pants would reduce your height.

Pants for curvy women

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  • Objective. Hide the extra kilos by highlighting all your feminine sensuality.
  • Trick. If you have a prominent butt that you want to hide, choose pants with large pockets in that area. If you have short legs, long pinstriped pants will suit you great.
  • Your pants. Long straight pants loose at the hem are your allies, they stylize and lengthen your figure. To highlight your sensuality, the allies of your pants will be the belt adjusted to the waist and the heels to refine your figure.
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High or low waist pants

  • High waist. Ideal if you are a short woman. It creates the optical effect of longer and slimmer legs by appearing taller although keep in mind that it highlights the butt.
  • Low waist. Ideal if you are a tall woman. You will enhance the hips and add volume. If you have wider shoulders and narrower hips. If you are a woman with well-defined curves and you want to enhance your sensuality, you can also bet on the low waist. Of course, your legs will seem shorter and you will be shorter. To counteract this effect, choose heels that will make you regain height.

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Careful with…

  • Hems. The turn at the end of the pants makes you look shorter.
  • Volume. Flared, baggy, pleated trousers and side pocket visually shorten and widen your figure, making you appear shorter.
  • Pockets. The pockets in the back highlight the rear, choose ones with small pockets and sewn in the upper part. The large side pockets will make you look shorter if you are looking to gain height better without embellishments on the sides.

Pants colour and prints

If you are tall and/or thin … Light and striking colours are reserved for women like you. Besides, you can allow yourself to wear pants with prints and drawings that thicken the legs but they will look great on you. Example: Choose coloured jeans or faded and bleach effect jeans.

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If you are short and/or plump … Dark and smooth tones are perfect for you since they are the ones that stylize the most. They visually lengthen the legs appearing slimmer. Example: Choose plain dark blue jeans without a pattern.

Example: Choose plain dark blue jeans without a pattern.

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