Dubai is one of the richest cities in the world. It is also known as the city of gold. It has some of the major gold and jewelry markets in the world. The reason why Dubai is the best place to buy diamonds is it is the cheapest when it comes to jewels, gold, silver, and platinum purchase. Recently, even after the implication of 5% VAT, the value of jewelry is much lower as compared to any other country in the world.

Another major reason Dubai is ideal for buying a diamond is tourists can claim the VAT with the help of the tax refund tourist scheme. So if you are wondering how to buy a diamond or engagement ring for cheap, this article is for. 

Today we are going to share why you need to start your search for an engagement ring in Dubai.

Tips for finding an affordable diamond ring in Dubai:

Following are some of the best tips for you to find the best and affordable diamond ring in Dubai:

1. Shop for a diamond ring online:

Flying to Dubai just to buy a wedding ring will be more expensive than the actual price of the ring. Your motive is to save money. Therefore, it is not ideal to travel to Dubai for the sole purpose of shopping for a wedding or an engagement ring. You will find several Dubai-based jewelers with an online presence in the form of a website or an app.

These brands deliver your purchased jewelry at your doorsteps. If you decide to shop from an online jewelry store, you save a significant amount of the cost associated with traveling. However, various risks are associated with purchasing diamond jewelry online. Beware of the scammers. Do your research to find a reliable vendor. Go through customer reviews and carefully read the return policy. Make sure you have the proper contact details of the vendor before you place your order and make the payment.

2. Visit Gold Souk:

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Gold Souk is another ideal place to find the best and affordable diamond rings. It is located in the Al Dhagaya area (Deira). You will find over 350 retailers in the market. The most extensive range of jewelry makes it one of the largest markets for all sorts of diamond jewelry and gold market.

 It is very safe to buy diamond rings from Gold Souk. That’s because the government has implemented strict rules, regulations, and verifications on the retailers. You will only find the finest diamond jewelry at Gold Souk. However, be prepared to negotiate the prices. Retailers usually quote a high price that can be bargained.

These stores sell traditional-style jewelry. Gold Souk is the best place to buy a diamond ring if you are looking for Indian aesthetics and traditional designs.

3. Visit the Gold and Diamond Park:

Another great place to find the most affordable diamond ring is the Gold and Diamond Park located on Sheikh Zayed road. With over 75 shops, this mall is home to some of the best jewelry brands in the world.

There are various samples of diamond jewelry for you to choose from. You can get your diamond ring customized to your desire or get it recreated how you please. All you need to do is to visit the mall, choose your desired design, and place your order. You will receive your diamond ring anywhere you want in Dubai on the scheduled date.

4.Try the Dubai Mall:

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You will find much more than just jewelry at the Dubai Mall.  Unlike Gold Souk and Gold and Diamond, this mall isn’t entirely dedicated to jewelry. However, you will still find some high-end jewelry brands such as Tiffany and Co. and Cartier.

But at the Dubai Mall, you may have to pay slightly higher than the other options discussed above for diamond jewelry. It is the best place to shop for diamond jewelry if you don’t have a lot of time on your hands.


Diamond rings can be expensive but not so much if you know the right options. Dubai is one of the best places to find genuine diamonds at an affordable price. Try the above-mentioned options if you are looking for affordable options in diamond rings.