Do you know which model of glasses suits you? Look at yourself in the mirror and look at the shape of your face to get them right.

Far from the unsightly glasses of before, the models of models are very flattering. Do you know that glasses can give you an interesting point? You just have to look at your face to choose the right model. Besides, a strategic makeup will help you enhance your look with glasses and with a few simple tricks, you will be able to divert attention from areas of the face such as a prominent nose.

Glasses models according to your face

We give you the keys to find the ideal glasses for you according to your face.

Glasses for oval face

glasses for oval face

  • Your features. You have a harmonious face of symmetrical proportions. The cheek line is slightly wider than the forehead and tapers gently towards the chin.
  • Your ideal glasses. Virtually all models of glasses will suit you. Of course, pay special attention to the proportion, that is, if your face is not very large, do not choose oversized glasses.

Glasses for long face

  • Your features. Narrow forehead and cheeks and thin chin.
  • Your ideal glasses. A-frame that visually widens and shortens your face, glasses with long lines across the width with soft-coloured frames that slightly broaden the face. Choose glasses with thick temples to visually shorten the face.
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Glasses for a triangular face

glasses for triangular face

  • Your features. Narrow forehead and pronounced chin.
  • Your ideal glasses. Choose frames that give volume to the upper part to divert attention to the lower part of the face, minimizing the width of the face. To expand the dimensions of the forehead, use elongated glasses that cover as little of it as possible without leaving the temples.

Heart face glasses

  • Your features. Wide forehead and cheeks and small chin.
  • Your ideal glasses. Choose frames that add volume and draw attention to the lower face. Opt for light-framed or rectangular glasses.

Square face glasses

square face glasses

  • Your features. Wide forehead and cheekbones and wide, marked jaw.
  • Your ideal glasses. Ditch glasses with regular corners and go for oval styles, not overly round. Opt for a model as tall as possible, discarding those that are horizontally very elongated. The goal is to decrease the height of the face and compensate for the size of the forehead.

Round face glasses

round face glasses

  • Your features. Circular shape without marked features, short chin and sweet expression.
  • Your ideal glasses. The proportionality between the width and the height of the face will be sought, occupying most of it. We recommend large and angular glasses, square or rectangular, with thick edges, thus achieving a slight elongation of your features. The models with thin temples will help you to lengthen the face.
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Glasses to hide nose

  • Big nose. Choose large, metal frames. Avoid small round glasses that highlight the nose.
  • Longnose. Pick out prominent frames with thick temples to divert attention. Besides, the double bridge models shorten the nose.
  • Small, upturned nose. To visually lengthen the nose, choose glasses with a high bridge and in soft colours.