Learn to choose the colours of clothes that best suit your face according to the tone of your skin.
The tone of the skin is very important when choosing the colours that best enhance your face. The effects that some garments of certain colours produce on brown skin are not the same as on a paler one. Depending on your complexion more or less dark. Keep in mind that in addition to the face, the tone of the hair also influences.

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According to the Theory of the colour of the 4 seasons taking into account the tone of skin, hair and eyes, it can be spring, summer, autumn, winter. Warm skin can be spring (light hair) or autumn (dark hair) and cold skin can be summer (light hair) or winter (dark hair).

Colours of clothes according to your skin tone, hair and eyes


- Characteristics: Cold skin tone (light), dark hair (black but also dark blonde, ash brown, grey). Black, dark brown, or icy blue eyes.

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- Colors: Cold and intense, light and dark contrasting colours, such as black, white, grey, ice pink, silver, and the whole range of blues.

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- Characteristics: Warm skin tone (golden, peach), light hair (blond, light brown. Green, blue or golden brown eyes.

- Colors: Warm colours such as green, pink, purple, orange, blue, yellow, apricot, orange-red and floral tones.


- Characteristics: Cold skin tone (light), light hair (from ash blonde to dark). Light eyes (blue, grey-blue, green, hazelnut).

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- Colors: Warm, soft and pastel colours such as red, orange, fuchsia, raspberry, sky blue, yellow, lavender and the whole range of greens.


- Characteristics: Warm skin tone (peach, yellowish), dark hair (dark brown, copper, red hair). Dark brown, green, turquoise, amber eyes.

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- Colors: earthy and warm tones, brown, terracotta, burgundy, dark green and olive, ocher yellow, bronze, beige, turquoise blue, raw orange.
In the image gallery, we see the 4 colour seasons and the colours that suit you.