Wedding Shoes Tips. Do you know your sister or that friend, cousin, sister-in-law who is about to go up to the altar? We know how important this date is for you and her, as well as we are sure that you need to look beautiful for this special day. So we decided it was time to bring wedding shoe tips.

It can be a ceremony on the beach, in the countryside or the traditional church march.

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Wedding Shoes Tips for beach weddings

Sand, that cool breeze, and a sunny day to enjoy the union of two people who love each other. Beach weddings are a trend and call for a lighter look, so on your feet, you should opt for sandals without heels, such as flat shoes. To add a special charm to the look, opt for items with stones. Other good options are sneakers and espadrille, especially those with Anabela or flatform heels.

Men can bet on Moccasin, a shoe that matches the stripped-down air of beach weddings. They can be used with twill pants and a white dress shirt, a simple look that meets these wedding shoe tips.

Footwear tips for weddings in the countryside 

Rustic ceremonies are also gaining more and more fans due to their simplicity and beauty, just like the shoes we bring in these wedding shoe tips.

For women, the items selected for the ceremony on the beach are also perfect for this environment. What changes is that? to the field, you can invest even more in Peep Toe with wedge heel and Oxford, especially if the wedding happens afternoon.

Men can invest in sneakers and also moccasins, everything will depend on the pieces of clothing chosen to take advantage of this moment.

Shoe tips for church weddings

If the bride and groom have opted for the classic church-salon double, the shoes should be a little more social, especially if the bride and groom warn that the guests should go for a fine sport.

In these cases, women can abuse heels and pumps, which can be plain or with stones and appliqués. Men, on the other hand, need to invest in dress shoes and a suit or jacket combination.

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