Wedding Dress Tips. When you are invited to a wedding, clothing is always a question. Some grooms make it easy to put a kind of “dress code” on the invitation, but those who forget this detail leave their friends and family a little confused.

Although it seems strange, there are wedding clothes that are the right choices for the occasion and can help you put together the right look. Check out!

Day Wedding Dress Tips

When a marriage takes place during the day, the ideal is to bet on lightweight fabrics that allow for greater breathing. If you know the bride and groom, a good tip is to find out the line of the ceremony, so it doesn’t arrive with a bright look at a wedding in the countryside, for example.

If it is done in a place or the middle of nature, bet on rustic decoration. Long flowered dresses are key pieces and make your composition brighter. Bet on braids, flat sandals with stones, and smaller and more classic accessories.  Flat fabric midi skirts, white dress shirts, and sneakers are also ideal for this occasion.

Evening wedding clothes

If the event happens after 18h, the ideal is to bet on more glamorous and classic combinations. A little black dress can be the simplest way out for a classic look. Bet on long stone earrings and a more marked makeup. On the feet, high heels and sandals with a bit of shine combine perfectly.

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For those who want to escape from the dresses, the pants are also versatile wedding clothes. Skinny, cigarette, or flare. The only concern is to make sure that the dress code is not the long one because combining them is easy and very practical.

They can be used together, with or without shine, and combined with shirts, tops, and even cropped. The only rule is to wear them with high heels and abuse the accessories. Blazers and jackets are the right companions for the pants and give a more structured look to the combination.

As for hairstyles, hair that is half-tied or in a bun gives it a special touch, but women with a long bob or short hair can bet on the curls and long earrings and metallic accessories.