Let’s face it! The fashion trend is like a loop, in the end it will alwaysgo back to the start again. Just look at nowadays fashions, doesn’t that somehow remind you of your mother’s old pictures? Or even your grandmother’s old pictures?

Yes, lately todays fashions are inspired from the past trends most from 50’s which we called vintage and also the 80’s as well. The 80’s sure is a great time for fashion where you can’t go wrong with your style. Now, if you are interested in using fashion of the 80s for modern day, you will need to follow these steps.

1980s Fasion : Bottoms

Do wear skinny jeans, because believe it or not, skinny jeans is considered quite a good item during Fashion Of The 80s. They are quite popular to be used especially for rocker style not only by the female but for male as well. Choose skinny jeans with acid washed colors or distress colors those are the best choice of the 80’s look.

The best part of this is that this item is not only popular during that time, but it’s also fashionable during modern time as well.

1980s Fasion : Tops

T-shirts with funny saying or band’s name such as New Kids on The Block and so on is a supper hot item during that era. For girls you are allowed to wear a bigger size t-shirts or even an over shoulder sweater or pullover, and wear a tank top behind it that is quite sexy but still comfortable and casual.

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For boys, if you want to go rocker style, wearing a no sleeve shirts is quite appropriate.

1980s Fasion : Shoes

Sneaker and hightops is also considered quite a hot item of Fashion Of The 80s. Especially sneakers with bright colors.

The best part of this item is that sneakers a great for a casual look and very comfortable to wear. Sneaker and hightops is also still a very trendy item during the modern time, so you don’t have to be worried that you will look ancient.

1980s Fasion : Accesories

Now let us move on to the accecories. For Fashion Of The 80s, jelly accessories are a very huge trend. They come in a lot of shape and sizes so you can actually wear jelly from top to bottom. Jelly can come as a big huge bright colors earrings, or stand out necklace and for the most popular one jelly bracelet.

Not only that jelly shoes are also quite popular as well. if you want, you can wear it as well, they are also becoming a trend again nowadays you can buy them in stores.