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Wear The Floral Print Dresses With These Tips



Floral print dresses are an excellent pattern in the history and universe of fashion. It’s one of those prints that will never get old, paying little respect to the year or season. Floral print is tremendous each spring and summer, and this year is no exception. Young ladies adoration to wear floral print dresses, skirts and shirts on the grounds that they look extremely female, girly and refined.

Floral print dresses are staples of each fashionable lady’s closet. Such printed dresses normally offer more color and visual interest than robust shade dresses. It brightens up the wearer’s appearance and offers more shade and visual offer than strong color dresses. Owing to this, any wearer must pick their extras painstakingly to abstain from overpowering other individuals’ eyes. The way to wearing this print is not to try too hard – pick one single floral print item and stick to it, and keep the rest of your outfit basic.

With such a large number of types of floral prints to look over, its important to pick a pattern that works with your individual taste and style. Blossom designs can extend from dainty and delicate to huge and striking, every kind convey it personality and character. So here are 3 approaches to wear the floral print dresses :

1. Floral Print Dresses Mix Match : Accessorize It!

In summer, nothing works better than a floral dress combined with a cute straw hat! Hats are not just astounding adornments, but can likewise help you protect your hair, and skin from the mid year sun. Embellish this cute outfit with a helpful, commonplace, pack and a couple of wedge shoes.

Floral Print Dresses Mix Match : Accessorize It!

2. Floral Print Dresses Mix Match : Comfortable Summer Outfit

In case you’re not into heels, you could just combine your late spring dress with aerialist dancer flats, and create a comfortable, but fashionable summer outfit you’ll worship! This dress looks perfect worn with bare flats, a red sack and matching hoops.

Floral Print Dresses Mix Match : Comfortable Summer Outfit

3. Floral Print Dresses Mix Match : Formal Look

Floral print dresses are generally worn for casual events, but here’s the way you could make your floral dress look formal – wear it with a white overcoat and out of this world heels. Embellish this look with a dark business purse, and a couple of earrings.

Floral Print Dresses Mix Match : Formal Look
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Fashion Ideas

How to combine clothing colours | colour of clothes



So important with knowing what colour of clothes favours you and enhances your attractiveness is learning to correctly combine the colours of your wardrobe. We give you the keys to get it right! Add colour to life!

This article can help you in those days ” I’ve tried the whole closet and I don’t see myself with anything “. We offer you the keys to mix colours, give colour to life but remember to not wear quite three different colours and follow the rule “less is more”, so you will get an elegant and daring look.

Key colours of your wardrobe

Black White. They are the two basic shades that go well with most colours.
Red. Due to its intensity, it is perfect with neutral tones such as black, white or grey.
Yellow. It is synonymous with light and youth. Combined with the darker and muted ranges of grey, green or brown, it will give you a sophisticated and discreet air. If you combine it with white, pink or bright and intense tones, you will get a fun and informal look.
Green. With its vast array of hues ranging from khaki to lemon green, it goes particularly well with black, white, yellow and grey.
Brown. It fits perfectly with white, orange and pale pink. And for the foremost innovative, we propose a mixture of guaranteed success: brown and turquoise blue.
Rose. It goes great with black, white, khaki, brown or yellow.

Chromatic colour wheel

Color wheel colors

Bold colour scheme

If you have a special event and you are bored with neutral colours, take a risk most simply and effectively to combine colours, combine the colours that are just opposite in the chromatic circle, that is: lilac with yellow, red with green, blue with orange … Combining these colours always gives good results. It is a very original idea especially to choose the right accessories, whether they are bags, scarves, jewellery or shoes.

Orange and electric blue

Qué me pongo esta semana?! | Cut & Paste – Blog de Moda

The combination of orange with electric blue is very striking and colourful. You can use it both for a great event such as a wedding or baptism, or to go to work on summer days. You can also make the look a bit more understated orange + navy or electric blue + yellow.

Red and pink

Colorblocking for spring! Pink and red jumpsuit. #color #jumpsuit #colorblock

The fashionable combination. We deny the typical phrase ” pink and red punch in the eye ” this combination will suit you great. Intense red dress with the soft pale pink handbag is a perfect set to go to dinner or go for a drink. Other possibilities: orange + red or pink / red or pink + green.


Meghan Markle Red and Purple Outfit Birkenhead January 2018 | POPSUGAR Fashion

Perhaps this mixture seems too striking, but you can also include more neutral colours such as beige or grey and also denim garments, this fabric would look great with the pair of red and lilac. Another possible combination that is very fashionable deep purple + yellow.

Basic or neutral colours

Black and white

15 Ideas para llevar outfit negro que impactarán a cualquiera | OkChicas

ριитєяєѕт ❈ carmelizabethhh

The wild colours. Black and white are the basic colours par excellence, we all have a wardrobe full of clothes of these colours because they go with everything. Also, for any occasion, a total back or total white is always a guaranteed success. A basic black and/or white dress, pants, jacket and shirts are essential for your wardrobe.

Earth tones

The most successful thing is to mix the earth tones; beige, chocolate brown or ivory combining them with black, white or gold for accessories, shoes or jacket. You will go beautiful.


It is a colour that you can use both day and night. It is a discreet colour which will be combined with both warm and cold colours.

Conveniently, you have a chromatic circle at hand, print it and laminate it so that when it comes to standing in front of the closet it makes things easier for us. Although it’s often said that this manner of mixing colours is more typical of summer than winter, if you are doing it throughout the year you’ll prevent winters from turning grey. Give colour to your wardrobe!

There are many possible combinations and you have to at least try them, don’t you think?

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Fashion Ideas

6 trendy colors for your fall wardrobe | colours of Autumn



Discover the star colours of autumn(fall wardrobe) that cannot be missing in your seasonal wardrobe. Learn to combine them!

With the beginning of autumn, new trends arrive, the wardrobe is renewed and bright colours are replaced by more sober tones. Black and white are two staples that never fail, but what do they combine within autumn?

6 trendy colours for your fall wardrobe


brown autumn colors

The colour gamut:  Earth colours triumph in autumn, from chocolate brown to beige.
The tone is more autumnal … CMEA l
What do I combine it with? Camel looks great paired with neutral tones like dark grey, black or navy, maroon or coffee. Give light to the whole with white, sand and gold.


fashion gray autumn colors

Colour range: In its lightest version, pearl, to the darkest grey almost black.
The most autumnal shade is … Charcoal grey.
What do I combine it with? Dark grey goes great with everyone, it’s the new black. In autumn wear it with pearl grey, white, aubergine, green, pale pink, salmon and silver details.


fashion red autumn colors

The colour range: From the pinkish version (more romantic), through orange and passion red to the eggplant.
The most autumnal shade is … Garnet or burgundy.
What do I combine it with? Burgundy goes great with camel and grey.


fashion green autumn colors

The colour gamut: Purples from mauve through violin to the strongest aubergine.
The most autumnal shade is … Purple
What do I combine it with? You will be right if you combine purple with neutral tones such as black or grey. Add the touch with metallic details or deep electric blue, lime green or lilac.


fashion green autumn colors

The colour range: From emerald green to olive green or camouflage.
The most autumnal shade is … bottle green
What do I combine it with? Bottle green looks great with light grey, other shades of green, and sand tones.


fashion colors autumn blue

The colour gamut: From pale greyish-blue through vibrant electric or Klein blue to dark navy.
The most autumnal shade is … Petrol blue
What do I combine it with? Black, grey, lilac or purple.

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