(Vintage shops in Stockholm)If you are thinking of taking a trip to Stockholm, it is a perfect city to get to know it during a long weekend.

There are three main areas through which you will move when you visit this city are: Gamla Stan (where the Royal Palace, The German Church, The Nobel Storkyrkan Museum or Riddarhuset is located ); Djurgården, which is one of the islands of Stockholm.

Where the Vasa, Skansen, Nordic museums and the Gröna Lund amusement park are located; and the Södermalm neighborhood, this is the area with the highest activity in terms of restaurants, bars, and shops.

Some of the best shopping areas that deserve to make a stop are the ones that I propose below, you will not have to change the itineraries, since they are on the tourist route that you take:

Götgatan Street (Vintage shops in Stockholm)

One of the best streets in Stockholm for shopping is Götgatan, make a stop at Mtwtfss Weekday, it is a fairly modern clothing store (it gives air to the North American chain  Urban Outfitters ), with a clear Scandinavian aesthetic: skinny pants from Cheap Monday, loose cotton t-shirts with neutral colors, vintage cut cotton blouses, short jeans, and footwear.

The prices are affordable. The hours are from Monday to Friday from 10:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m., Saturdays from 10:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m., and Sundays from 10:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. (only some stores).

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Vintage shops in Stockholm

Vintage shops in Stockholm

At 25 meters from Mtwtfss Weekday, you will find Filippa K’s store, if you are a fan of this designer, you have a good opportunity since the store has a good selection of designs. Likewise, you will find the North American chain American Apparel.

At 200 meters is the DeadWood store (Svartensgatan 16-4), it is a vintage store for men and women, with medium prices. For girls, they mainly have dresses and t-shirts, and in some cases, there are unisex t-shirts.

Prices for T-shirts are usually around 299 crowns and dresses at 499 crowns.

Vintage shops in Stockholm


In the Gamla Stan area, you will mainly find tourist souvenir shops and restaurants, the red horse (you can also find it in blue), and the Stockholm t-shirts are a must.

Make a stop at the shops on Stora Nygatan 46-44, here are a couple with second-hand items of all kinds (military jackets, books, footwear, radios, etc)

Vintage shops in Stockholm

Downtown area

In Östermalmstorg there is the Sulahall market (ideal for a stop and/or lunch) with typical Swedish products.

In  Nybrogatan you will find several Swedish brand clothing, accessories, and footwear stores, they are not particularly interesting, however, make a stop at the Stockholm Market store on Riddargatan 1-7, you will find clothes from mainly Swedish designers.



If you make an excursion to Sigtuna (50 kilometers from Stockholm), it is a small town but it has shops with a selection of products in clothing, home, and accessories very carefully.

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Definitely visit Store Cri Cri, here are the marks Twin-Set, Nolita, Vintage America, but mostly Scandinavian and Swedish brands Odd Molly and Hunkydory, or Norway by Ti Mo. Prices are medium-high (eg Hunkydory T-shirts, 850 crowns; Odd Molly dress 1850 crowns).

shops in Stockholm

Vintage shops

Some recommendations for public transport: as a general rule, if you are going to need public transport, the metro is a very good option, it is quick and easy to understand.

If you are there for a minimum of three days, do not hesitate to buy a metro ticket (18 trips) that costs around 200 crowns.

Finally, I recommend that you visit VisitStockholm, it gives you a lot of practical information about the city