(Vintage shops in Montpelier)Montpelier is the capital of the State of Vermont, it is a very small city compared to the capitals of other states in North America, however, it has its charm to visit it if it is within your travel route, it will not take you more than mid-morning. Between Main Street and State Street, you can find the main establishments of the city, as well as the State Capitol dating from 1863, better known for the Vermont State House (it is at the end of State Street). On the same sidewalk, you will find the Vermont Historical Society Museum (only if you are very interested in this area if not, it is totally expendable).

The buildings are red-garnet in color, this gives the city a very interesting appearance from an architectural point of view, and together with the mountains that surround the city, they make it very cozy. Next to the State Capitol, stop to see Trinity United Methodist Church, Unitarian Church of Montpelier, and Bethany United Church of Christ, all on Main Street, all the way to City Hall.

Three establishments that can be interesting for lunch are the Mexican  Julio’s Cantina & Bar at 54 State Street, the Italian Positive Pie 2 also on State Street, and The Skinny Pancake at 89 Main St.

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Shopping in the city (Vintage shops in Montpelier)

Make a stop at the One More Time thrift store (62 Main Street), it is quite large and you can find a good selection of vintage women’s clothing, the prices are not particularly cheap, but you can find interesting brands.

And above all, make a stop at the vintage store The Getup Vintage (27 Langdon Street), as it is only a window, it invites you to browse the store. It has clothing for both women and men at reasonable prices (dresses that can range from $ 75 to $ 250, shoes that have prices between $ 35 and $ 75).