LAKE PEACE is an Organic & Vegan clothing label for women that started out with the intention of creating cleaner, healthier & more responsible fashion for people. We live by our 3-word motto- Clean. Compassionate. Conscious. We craft our designs with Organic plant-based fabrics like organic cotton that have been grown without pesticides, insecticides & harmful chemicals and dyed using low impact AZO-free dyes making them not only safe for the environment but for our health too.

Our recent collection features an indigenous variety of organic cotton that is grown & painstakingly hand-woven by skilled artisans in Kutch. Vegan Clothing Stores Online and Organic Fashion Brand India provide collections, not only do they intend to glorify a beautiful Indian craft but also involve local communities in our sustainability journey.

All our clothing is hypoallergenic & pro-comfort. We endorse slow fashion & you will find all our clothing to be versatile, timeless & highly wearable. We build for the human experience and everyday movement, and not just for photo-ops or occasional wearing. All the while ensuring our clothing has minimal impact on the environment.

Not just our fabrics but our buttons, labels, tags and all primary packaging is plant-based & 100% biodegradable. Our courier bags are made with recycled materials and are 100% reusable. We create small seasonal collections featuring limited pieces which are made to order & can be customised.

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We are PETA Approved Vegan and we ensure that none of our raw materials, processes or practices involve animal cruelty, abuse or killing. We endorse compassionate living & in keeping up with our motto, we have pledged 5% of our website sales to FIAPO, India’s apex rights organisation.

After working in the fashion industry for almost a decade, the founder, Richa Johri, a NIFT alumnus, saw how much the market had become dependent on cheap petrochemical-based synthetic fibres like polyesters and nylons and how in a bid to offer the cheapest cost for the sake of fast fashion the cotton cultivators & manufacturers had shifted to more & more unhealthy, environmentally damaging & unfair labour practices.

Equally worrisome was the glorification of animal cruelty & abuse in form of the use of animal hides, hairs & other parts for creating clothes. There were very few 1oo% Vegan clothing brands and Vegan Clothing Stores that exclusively worked with sustainable plant-based fabrics. Like Organic Cotton and featured practical relatable designs. And so Lake Peace was born.