You got an invitation to a costume party, but you don’t have any idea what to wear? And sewing is out of questions because you can’t sew and there is a very limited time left? Well, why don’t you try to revive an old fashion style? A 70s fashion man, for example?

70’s are very unique when we talk about their fashions, and I bet using it for the costume party is a great idea to steal the attention.

So, how can you use 70s fashion men style for a costume party?

Get a Cutbray Pants

In 70s fashion men, a cutbray pants are a must! If you don’t know these pants it is the one that get really tight in the upper part and getting wider bellow. There are more casual fashions of these pants, you can see it in 90’s jeans style. But in 70’s the country plantsthey use are more amazing. Use a bright color instead of natural one, an orange, for example, don’tbe afraid to experiment, it’s a costume party anyway.

Pattern Shirt

After getting the country pants, now it’s time to get the matching shirt. In 70s Fashion Men style, the most appropriate matching shirt is a pattern shirt.Thankfully, you have a great variation of shirts, you can choose a floral pattern shirt, stripes, or getting a plain shirt, but with bright and stand out colors matching your pants.

The great part is you can always find them in a second hand shop or thrift store and they are very cheap.

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Well, basically there are more normal hair that you can always choose for completing your 70s Fashion Men look. But, if you want to use it for a costume party, then you need to be stand out a little bit. For example, if you want a more disco look, using an Afro hair is great choice, the bigger the Afro the better. Orif you want to look more hippies use a long and straight wig to complete your look, and don’t forget the head band! Complete with a mustache if you want.

Heels Man Shoes

Now it’s time to finish your look with a matching shoe. If you want to be a true 70s Fashion Men, then get a heels boots. Yes, you didn’t read that wrong, in 70’s heels in man shoes are quite common. But remember, if you aren’t used to using heels don’t use heels with the height more than 3 inches, because it can affect your balance.