Types of men’s boots. Whenever winter comes , men have at their disposal various types of men‘s boots to complete the looks. After all, this footwear adds a different value and personality to the look to transform productions in a simple way and with great taste.

To inspire you, let’s show you the most common types of men ‘s boots for you to choose the one that best suits your style, check it out!

Types of men’s boots

  1. Casual Boots
  2. Sock Boots
  3. Social boot

Casual Boots

Casual boots are like a high-top sneaker and have a youthful / chic personality and are easily combinable and wearable on a daily basis. You can combine them with pants and even shorts .

Because they are more stripped, it is possible to find a wide variety of models, ranging from a taller barrel or a shorter one, at the heel height. What characterizes the style of the casual male boot is that it is very similar to a sneaker or sneaker. Our recommendation, to produce a more elegant look, is to use it with jeans and shirt , the combination will be young and charming.

Sock Boots

The sock boots are the most common and easier to find. The sole of this model is more loaded, usually rubber, tractored and gives a more intense personality to those who wear it. Before restricted only to military looks and rock fans, today, they are on top of men’s shoes and have become indispensable in any man’s closet.

If you don’t give up on a modern, casual and elegant look, the men’s boots add a lot of charm to the composition. The best combination is with jeans . Regardless of the wash, you can’t go wrong with that look. You can add some accessories as the occasion requires!

There are many different ways to use the same male boots . Folding it, for example, gives you more volume and adds weight to the look. You can also choose the pants inside or out, but this is more in line with your taste.

Social boot

Finally, the types of boots that follow the social line are the most refined and chic among the models of men’s boots . They have a more aligned design, resembling a social shoe . Closed mooring boots are more elegant than open mooring boots. Another characteristic of the social boots are the brogues, some holes that appear to complete and the sole, generally, are of leather and wood. These are just a few of the types of men ‘s boots that you can choose from. Do you want to be well dressed, with a coherent style? It is easier to get it right by changing the boot for something lighter, or the shorts for a pair of jeans. A light leather boot is more stripped down, in the same way that a beige linen suit is casual and more pleasant for the day. The more harmonious this scale is the combination of clothes, the greater the chance that you will be stylish and well dressed. 

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