Tricks for wearing a shirt

Classic and indispensable for any woman, the female shirt is a wildcard that is part of any self-respecting wardrobe(Tricks for wearing a shirt).

Despite so many different proposals presented by the designers, some classic models such as the white shirt have not been left behind and remain current and democratic, composing productions ranging from the sophisticated to the modern.

And anyone who thinks that clothes with a women’s shirt are meant for a few occasions is very wrong. Below you will learn how to use the sweater daily, both for work and for happy hour (Tricks for wearing a shirt).

1st Tip – Shirt on display with a blazer

The first tip is: pull the sleeve of the blazer to let your shirt show. You can also place the overlapping collars giving more evidence to the garment.

The blazer is a wild item that suits any situation. With the shirt, the look is perfect, without error! Here, to make the composition more daring and modern, you can include colorful pumps or even some more neutral tones, depending on the situation, of course. You can also match the color of your pumps with the color of your handbag.

2nd Tip – Nózinho

This way of wearing a shirt is a classic, and it has everything again. Especially with pants, skirts or high-waisted shorts, you can put on a shirt and give a little hint at the ends, to make them look more modern and finish your production. You can include women’s sneakers in more rustic versions like the famous chunky sneaker.

3rd Tip – Buttoned shirt + neck accessories

The secret of this tip is in the accessory you choose, as it will be responsible for giving a new face to the style of the shirt. Just put your shirt on, button all the buttons and put the accessory under the sip. It can be a handkerchief, a more striking necklace, in short, as you prefer.

This model will be ideal for use on more formal occasions, such as work. Combines with high-waisted trousers and skirts: put the shirt inside and put on the high-waisted piece to mark the waist. It looks beautiful and is very simple, right?

4th Tip – Neckline shoulder to shoulder

This is the most different way to wear the shirt and the one that is more popular lately. The shoulder-to-shoulder neckline, in which you leave the shirt more open, buttoning only the last buttons. It is beautiful, in addition to lengthening the silhouette.

Did you see how many unique ways to wear your feminine shirt? One more beautiful than the other for you to dare and rock the look! With all these tips and inspirations, you now know how to use the shirt.

The piece is so versatile that it pleases the eyes of men and women, and we still guarantee that it will not leave your day today! 

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