It goes summer, it comes summer Trend in Prints for Men’s Fashion, active and dominant. It will not be different next year, but some are in greater evidence, as is the case with the floral. In the world of fashion, trends mean something that is hot related to style. For both men and women they change constantly and it is sometimes difficult to keep up with them.

Stamping has been increasingly pleasing to the male consumer and who likes to be in fashion in all seasons of the year. Large, small, striped, full, or centered prints. It is worth all kinds of prints to be in fashion this summer!

To help you not get lost in this universe of stamping, we list some that will be on the rise in the men’s fashion universe, check it out!

Urban Military

The military print was successful in the 2000s and is back this year, making the look more stripped and stylish, with different tones and textures. It can be used in blousesshirtspants, or even in any look, for the more daring.

In this last production, to dare you can combine it with men’s loafers or casual men’s sneakers with a heavier footprint like the white chunky shoes to give that up that your production needs.

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Bet without fear on chess!

In the men’s closet, plaid is probably the most common print. It is a classic and can be used from a walk look to production for wor

The most basic chess piece for them is, without a doubt, the shirt. The variations in plaids allow you to create looks of different styles, such as grunge, straight from the 90s, or even a look with the subtlety of Vichy chess. For men who like to go beyond the basics, there are also checked pants and blazers, which can be as cool as they are sophisticated.

Stained Fabrics / Tie Dye

Since last year we have already seen the return of Tie Dye appearing for the Male Look, but it seems that now this effect returns with MUCH more strength for Summer 2021. And not only the most traditional Tie Dye, color, which we refer to a lot in the 70s fashion, but also the stained fabrics, with faded details, in gradient, all these washing details.

Brands like Dior, Versace, brought their effects to this runway and Department Stores and MANY brands bring their collections to their catwalks.

Geometric Prints

The not-so-flashy prints, soberer, start to appear in shop windows as options for men to invest in their daily lives. Shades of brown, orange, and mustard yellow, softer and pastel tones to add a worn textured effect.

For those who are starting to use prints and are afraid to draw a lot of attention, the best tip is: combine the geometric outfit with another more neutral piece, without print and with sober colors, such as nude, black, white, and gray, impossible to go wrong with some these colors in the composition.