The year of 2014 is actually full of interesting fashion trends that seems to balance the availability of new fashion trends which are just introduced. This can be said to be so because this year it seems that we are brought to the past by some styles which seems to gain their fame again.

The example of this can be seen in the laced up style that is famous back then in the 70’s. Right now, this is the style mentioned to be the next trend alert for you and any other followers of fashion trends to follow.

If you need some examples of how you can apply the idea of this trend alert in your daily styles, the only things you need to know about is none other but some variations in which the style can be applied. Basically, this can be applied in any type of clothing, especially dresses and tops. Even so, you need to remember that loose tops or dresses are much better than the tight and fit ones when this style is about to be used.

For the variations, there are some best choices of variations can be taken into better consideration. The most popular one, which is in fact also used quite a lot in the 70’s, is neckline variation. Other than this, you can also use the style on the upper sleeves of your tees or shirts in order to add more open feature to the fashion style you wear. The last but not least example variation you can also choose is the use of laced up detail to replace button up feature.

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Following the trend alert of laced up style is not only beneficial in making you look stylish based on recent trend. It is also beneficial because the idea can be used in creating your very own fashion DIY projects. If by any chance you have some fashion items which are no longer trending and it is not that good for you to wear these at this time, you can just edit those items by using this style.

Here, you can just follow some variation ideas mentioned earlier or create your very own ideas about how you want to apply the laced up feature on some fashion items you own. With DIY projects like these, there is no need for you to take out too much money in following this latest fashion trend.