Both men and women like to go to barbershop or even beauty shop to maximize their look. Women would do anything in beauty shop for their best appearance in order to get men’s attention then. But nowadays, men also love to get their best look by going to beauty shop.

Men love to get the coolest hairdo for their best look. Sometimes men ask the barber to cut their hair following the top men’s hairstyle of the year. And here we have top 5 men’s hairstyle for 2015 you can apply to your hair.

5. Slicker Hairstyle

This type of haircut was very popular in 2014. And it doesn’t change the fact that this cut hits again this year. Slicker hairstyle fits perfectly for simple but elegant look. We don’t need much effort to get this hairstyle. Just ask your barber to cut your hair neatly, then comb your hair to the back of your head. You will get neat short hair and perfect look. Complete the style with gel or wax.


4. Undercut

We believe that undercut style will be a trend for years. It has become men’s favorite hairstyle, since it makes the appearance very masculine. Undercut style makes your hair quiet short on the left side, on the right side, and on the back of the head, and a bit longer on the top of it. A football player who gets this hairstyle is David Beckham.


3. Yogi Ponytails

Yogi ponytail was once really famous after Brad Pitt showed this hairstyle. Yogi hairstyle lets you have longer hair on top of the head, and really short on both side and the back of the head. Then you may put a ponytail on your hair to make it look like a yogi. Make it perfect with beard.


2. Texture Style

You want to make your hairstyle messy and neat in the same time? You have to try this style. Being messy but neat is the core of texture style haircut. We almost need no effort to get this hairstyle. You may ask your barber to cut your hair as comfortable as you want. Put shampoo and conditioner when you take a bath, and let your hair dry naturally. No need to comb or to apply wax on your hair. Then you will get texture style as well.


1. Semi Long Hair

This is the most hit men’s hairstyle through decades. You can get longer hair as long as you don’t cut them. You have another job for having semi long hair, you need to do hair care to make it neat. You see that there are a lot of celebrities have ever get this hairstyle, they are Tom Cruise, Johnny Depp, Brad Pitt, etc. You just need to take care of your hair and make them look masculine.


Those are top 5 men’s hairstyle this year. Which one you want to apply on yours?

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