If you’re a girl who likes to dress simply, avoiding too much pink stuff and too much makeup, consider the Tomboy style. This article explains in detail what clothes, shoes, and accessories are essential for this style.

Tomboy Style Clothing

Take advantage of the children’s section of clothing stores. If you want to dress like a tomboy, you have to go to the source. Try to browse children’s clothing. Look for shirts with scriptures and prints and crumpled shirts. Most likely, the clothes will be a bit loose, but it’s okay. Pick the things you like and try them out. If they are really huge, you can try modifying them.

Some great stores have unisex clothing, like the big brands. Look for clothes that can be worn by boys and girls.
Choose shirts. Comfortable, loose-fitting shirts are the foundation of tomboy style. Cotton shirts in men’s colors (forest green, navy blue, gray, black, brown, etc.) are always worth considering - they fit pretty well with everything.
You should also buy shirts with band names, skateboard photos, skulls, or more - they’re all in tomboy costumes. You can also search for shirts with sarcastic and funny pictures or writings.

Wear pants instead of skirts. You don’t have to give up skirts entirely, but girls who dress like tomboys recognize themselves precisely because they don’t use skirts or dresses. Instead, wear comfortable, childish pants. Some stores sell pants for men but adapted to a girl’s body.

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Tight skater pants, ripped jeans, and sweatpants are all good options for girls who want a tomboy look. The black and matte leggings are also great!

If for some reason you are forced to wear a skirt, combine it with leggings, Converse, and a t-shirt with the logo of your favorite band. In this way, the femininity of the skirt will be toned down.

In hot weather, wear shorts. Daisy Duke not very short shorts: wear loose pants that go just above the knee. Shorts in the stretch fabric are great for running.

Don’t forget the plaid. Plaid is a unisex fabric, which adapts well to a variety of garments. It is a fantastic material because it can be worn both as a shirt and as a light jacket. Pull-on jeans, a plain cotton shirt, a long-sleeved plaid jacket and you’re good to go.

Hoodies are also great. They are a must-have for tomboy style. Zip-up sweatshirts are great for those who live in colder areas. Buy yourself a simple sweatshirt in a dark color (black goes well with everything) and you will soon realize that you can’t do without it anymore. If it’s hot, tie it around your waist for the perfect tomboy look.

Also, try to wear cardigans. They are excellent for the winter. Pair them with the right jeans and you’ll look great.
Wear sporty clothes. If jeans aren’t your thing, wear sweatpants and shirts. Even better, wear clothes with the logo and colors of your favorite team. Tomboy girls can compete at the same level as boys in sports. Why not also do it in the look?

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Buy a sweatshirt with the logo of your favorite team for the colder days.

Wear clothes that make you comfortable. In this section of the article, we’ve featured a few clothes that will give you the tomboy fashion, but being a tomboy means having the ability to wear whatever you want and feel comfortable without the thought of being overlooked. , but you want to wear a dress, so do it. The most important thing is, remember to be yourself.

Tomboy fashion Shoes

Buy sneakers. Being a tomboy also means being able to run easily. For this reason, high heels should be avoided. Instead, choose comfortable and beautiful sneakers. Keep in mind, when shopping for shoes, this simple rule of thumb: if they’re not comfortable running, they’re not a good tomboy.

Some of the brands that make great sneakers include DC, Nike, Adidas, Converse, Airwalk, and others.

Even shoes without laces are fine. Brands like Vans, Toms, and others make beautiful shoes that are comfortable and suitable for running.

Look for shoes that have chess, skulls, animals, group logos, tribal art signs, etc.

Try high-neck sneakers. One of the more classic ways to achieve the tomboy look is to wear Converse sneakers. It comes in different colors and heights, from the lowest to the highest.

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To make your shoes even more interesting, replace the normal white laces with colored laces. You can find them in many accessory stores.

Accessories and hair

Wear hats. Baseball is usually the best way to complete your tomboy look. They are used both to show what your favorite team is and for many other things: they protect the eyes from the sun, rain, dirt, and hair. Unless you choose to wear it inside out. You can also try Borsalino hats or rapper hats.

Avoid wearing flashy jewelry. Indeed, it is better to avoid jewelry in general, especially if you play sports. If you have holes in your ears, use small, non-changing earrings. As for necklaces, you can choose simple items, like a shell or a piece tied with a leather cord. You can tuck them under your shirt as you run, and they’re usually unisex.
If you like to wear bracelets, avoid those that are too flashy. Try leather or plastic bracelets, which can be purchased at accessory stores.

Keep your hair in place. Ponytails are the best for running. A braid is also great, as it helps pull hair away from the face when playing sports. Having hair this way will allow you to pull out without worrying about having hair over your eyes.