Most people assume that matrimony day is the most sacred day in their life among other days. It is the day when the groom troths the brides to be responsible with anything happens to her life. Usually men put a ring in women’s finger to tie up their holy promises.

After the matrimony, the groom and the bride celebrate their wedding with people close to them, family, friends, colleagues, etc. Some couples celebrate the wedding party in the wedding hall, in their own house, or maybe on the beach. Couples who get married on the beach often find difficulties in choosing suitable shoes to be worn. Beach wedding shoes should be different from indoor wedding shoes as they step on sands, not on solid floor.

Tip to pick up beach wedding shoes is to firstly choose the most comfortable shoes to wear on the beach. Stiletto and high heels are not suitable for this situation since they only hinder your steps. It is dangerous for your feet as they are able to get stuck on the sands, and the worst part is they can hurt your beautiful feet.

Tips to choose wedding shoes leather flip flop

Though the bride wants to look glamour and elegant in her wedding day, high heel is not only a single choice for you. You may wear fashionable flip-flops on your beach wedding. Don’t be afraid to decorate it with Swarovski crystals, pearls, or satin.

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Choose the colors that match your wedding gown, for example white, gold, amber, or silver. If you don’t feel confident with flat shoes, you can wear wedges or wedding shoes with medium platform, so they will not hurt your feet. Make sure that you have tried the shoes several days before the wedding on the beach. At least you have been comfortable with your beach wedding shoes, so you will be confident enough to wear your shoes.

Beach-Wedding-without shoes

The last tip for your wedding shoes on the beach is by wearing no shoes. Walking on the sands with your barefoot is more exciting than if you wear uncomfortable shoes. This will not reduce your beauty and elegance on your special day, as barefoot makes you look sexy in casual way. Wear suitable wedding dress that will not disturb the activities on the beach.

The groom bride can wear leather flip flops or just enjoy the sands with his barefoot. Beach wedding is a relaxing wedding party, so everybody can wear anything they want as long as it is comfortable for them and it is in line with the bride and the groom. Pick up the most comfortable beach wedding shoes to support your appearance and to make you look glamour and elegant.

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