Wearing disco pants leads you back to the people in 1970s who love wearing them too. Disco pants are part of apparels that reflects the disco lighting and when we are wearing them we must attract more attention due to the glowing fabric. Hot pants, platform shoes, polyester shirt, and gold chains are the keys for 1970s disco styles.

But sadly the style could not be applied for every day wear as it might be inappropriate. When the evening hit, we are ready to wear our flashy disco style and to attract people in the dance floor.

Bum Clinging Disco Pants

The disco pants are available in form-fitting and high-waist stretchy pants made for both men and women. The materials of the pants are heavyweight nylon, spandex polyester, or lycra, the most popular fabric choice in the disco era. They chose the fabrics as they could fit tightly and cling to our body that gave effect to slim our legs.

Disco pants were very much in demand at that time due to the bold and dramatic colors, and the shiny light-reflecting fabric that make a perfect combination for disco style.

A pop singer, Jessie J started wearing the disco pants again in 2007 where she combined with the appropriate jacket suitable for the pants. After that, there were available disco pants that have a little bit difference from the original pants, where it became super skinny fit and recognized as leggings.

Jessie J disco pants

The pairs of pants are now wearable mostly for women rather than men, as the slim-fit effect it gives to the legs. But the original version of the disco pants is still available in the store to complete the disco style you are about to apply in your fashion.

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How to Wear 1970s Disco Pants

The tips in wearing 1970s disco pants are:


The most essential thing to do while buying pants is knowing the right size of the pants we want to wear. The right size will give us comfort and avoid pain for several parts of the legs. When fitting a disco pants, it is best to pick the smaller size of our regular pants size, since the disco style lets us wear super skinny pants. Maybe you will have problem to wear the ultra-slim pants, but the suitable fabric will help us in it.

The Materials

As leggings, disco pants are made from stretchy elastic materials that will fit our curves perfectly. The best fabrics to make these pairs of pants are lycra and spandex polyester which stretch well following the contour of our body. The pants will fit tightly your body, so choose the high-waist ones to cover up your belly, and to make you more comfortable in wearing them.

1970s Vintage Disco Pants - Bright Turquoise Disco Pants

The Colors

Disco pants are available in many colors to wear according to the event we would like to attend. Jessie J appears with gold version of the disco pants, then the other loves red that become the most popular colors then. The more common color for the disco pants for daily wear is black that does not shine too much for every day wear. While, the more colorful disco pants are wearable to such part events.

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