Learn the rules of the protocol on how and when to wear a long prom dress to a special event.

The dresses long are a good choice for galas and ceremonies like weddings evening. They are very elegant, so if the event is in the morning it is better that you opt for the short one. If you want to bet on the length, take into account these styling tips to choose the one that best suits you and wear it with elegance.

4 styling tips to wear a long dress

  • Height. Long dresses only look good on tall women. If you are short, a long dress will shorten your figure, opt better for the short one.
  • Length. Make sure that it is not too long so that you do not have to be dragging it when using it. The appropriate measure is one that allows your feet to be seen but not your ankles.

  • Neckline. You should choose a square or rounded neckline if you have a large bust, while any neckline will suit you if you have a little chest.
  • Cover. Choose a lined dress for more consistency and avoid see-throughs.
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