It is an obligation for all muslim ladies to hide their figure and body physic including their hair and head. Even though muslim ladies wear hijabs, they should always take care about the way their dresses. When they become expectant moms, many hijabers might think that the options for their clothes become limited. If you think so, don’t worry! There are many pregnancy hijab fashions available today.

There are so many different styles of fashion in pregnancy clothes these days. You do not have to look depressing anymore when you pregnant.

Pregnancy Hijab Fashion

There are pregnancy fashions that are especially designed for muslim ladies who are going to have a baby soon like you. Every woman wants to look stylish even during their pregnancy. However, the first thing that you should remember is that your comfort must be the first priority. If an outfit isn’t comfortable, there is no use in wearing it. Quality pregnancy clothing should be soft, breathable, and feature stretch.

Some muslim ladies still confused how to match and mix the outfit during their pregnancy. Actually, pregnancy hijab fashion is simple. You can choose any kind of clothes that might be suit in you as long as it covers your head and hair. Choose the outfit with simple model but still fashionable. If you want to wear long skirt, you can try to wear pop color skirt or dark color skirt. You can also wear blouse if you want to look more elegant. While, if you don’t want to look big, you should avoid the outfit with big flowery motif.

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An expectant mom often needs to feel especially put together because you will tend not to be wearing the clothes that you are used to wearing. In selecting color that suits your lifestyle and taste, you will not only feel good in your new maternity clothing, but you will also look good.

You should also concern about the material of your maternity clothes. It will be better for you to choose the outfit with cotton material because your body temperature will increase during pregnancy.

With cotton being the most breathable and softest fabric, this type of clothing is often desirable. Moreover, fabric with elastic in the waist and a soft texture will make the mom-to-be comfortable. Cotton material also can stay comfortable for all weather.

Therefore, pregnancy hijab fashion is simple and able to adapt with the condition of all Muslim ladies. It is all can adapt with your style and personality as long as you are still using shariah principal.