Are you going on a trip? Take note of our Personal Shopper’s advice for a well-ordered suitcase with wrinkle-free clothes.

Packing before going on a trip may seem simple, but if we don’t follow a few tricks it can be a disaster. Each garment will have to take its place so that it does not arrive wrinkled or stained. We must also avoid excess luggage and carry what is necessary for each type of trip. We miss the advice of our Personal Shopper to prepare the perfect suitcase.

Tips before packing


  • Start by making a list of what you think you need and do not leave it until the last moment.
  • Think about where and with whom you are going. It is not the same as the beach or mountains, with some friends than with your partner, the weather, and the activities that are going to be carried out.
  • Do not load the suitcase with unnecessary things. Minimize options without loading clothes from closet to suitcase.
  • Leave all the garments on the bed and from there choose the most versatile and wild card garments, eliminate the “just in case”, nothing is ever done with it and they only load us with weight. That everything combines, and if there are loose clothes, discard them and do not put them in the suitcase.
  • For example, for a business trip of 3 days (2 nights) our Personal Shopper takes to work during the day and go out to dinner at night: 1 dress pants, slip top, shirt, a dress, a blazer and a sports jacket, jeans, basic t-shirt, dress shoes and other more comfortable ones. Choose a bag that fits with everything.
  • Choosing clothes and shoes in the same colours will help a lot when choosing accessories.
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Placing the clothes inside the suitcase

Put clothes on

  • Place underneath the items that will be shown the least in public (pyjamas, undershirts …).
  • Then the toughest garments like jackets. Depending on the size of the suitcase they can be folded in half. If you have jackets that wrinkle, they are left for the top.
  • The pants should be folded in half or roll up a lot shrivel. What we roll is placed in the corners of the suitcase, the rolls serve to fill in the gaps.
  • Next, the tops and shirts would be placed. Shirts are always kept buttoned. If we carry several, they must be placed against each other on the opposite side, one against the other, so as not to crush the necks.
  • The dresses if they have a seam at the waist, they fold there, if they do not fold like t-shirts.
  • The accessories (belts, necklaces …) will be placed in the corners of the suitcase
  • The footwear will be put inside a bag, sole with sole, in one corner.
  • In the upper part of the suitcase, the blazers would be placed, which can wrinkle and if they are light colours, it is convenient to tie them upside down and place them as little as possible bent so that they do not suffer.
  • Tip: If the things do not fit in the suitcase, you can put the accessories, socks and stockings inside the shoes.
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The suitcase must be according to the number of days you are going to spend, the plans, the destination and the weather. Take into account the means of transport in which you travel, it is not the same to go by car as by plane, where you must control the weight of your luggage if you do not want to pay more. Your homework before you go!

Once your suitcase is prepared and organized, you just have to enjoy the trip!