A necklace is more than just a complement for outfits. It also can make a bold statement to your appearance. Layering necklaces is a popular practice to boost one’s look if the outfits are quite plain. Wearing a lot of necklaces will take away attention from the outfits and focus on these.

Wearing multiple necklaces probably is a tad extravagant, but they will not look too much if you know how to properly layer necklaces.

Here are some layering necklaces tips for you

First, it is important to know the right spacing. Necklaces come in a multitude of sizes. Some of them look chunky.

These ones are very striking, so they are really effective to grab people’s attention. If you love chunky necklaces, then keep them together when you wear more than one. Meanwhile, for smaller necklaces, it is important to give space between each one. The right space depends on the size of each necklace, but one or two inches are appropriate. The next layering necklaces tip is to provide a clear backdrop.

Even the most striking necklaces will not look obtrusive if the background is filled with intricate patterns. By that we mean that you should not wear outfits with elaborate colors and patterns if you want to position the necklaces as the main star of the show.

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Just wear a simple dress with subtle colors. If you insist on wearing outfits with a bunch of embellishments, at the least keep the neckline clean from the adornments. Another good idea is by arranging necklaces in the right order. The bottom necklace should be plain and simple. Make your pendants get more intricate with each layer with the top layer is the most prominent one. Pendants are many women’s favorite. Not only do they look fabulous, but they make layering a lot easier. Combine pendants with different lengths. The longest one should wrap around the outer layer, while the shortest one should be the closest to the neckline.

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Tips for Layering Necklaces 3
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If layering is perplexing to you, then buy an already layered necklace. Some people fail in delivering a good layer. It’s okay to fail on the first try. Try and try it again until you know how to do it right. Necklace layering could end up with tangles. It could happen anytime regardless of the types of necklaces you are wearing. One good way to prevent tangles is to combine several types of chains. This way, when you find tangles, all necklaces can be separated easily without breaking any of them. Just keep an eye on your necklaces before they turn into a tangled mess. Those are some layering necklaces tips.

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