We give you the keys to dress transparencies with elegance and style.

For formal events, date nights and parties, transparencies, along with lace details, can give you a very elegant and sensual air … as long as you know how to wear them. What narrow line crosses the sense of the exaggeration? The transparencies are ideal to elevate the feminine sensuality to the maximum power, perfect to give the special touch in the Christmas parties.

Tips for carrying transparencies

1. Take maximum care of your lingerie. You can opt for the invisible option with seamless underwear in flesh colour or if you want to give it prominence, choose a model of the same colour as the lace. The transparent blouses are very well somewhat loose, putting on a top or tank top underneath, with a blazer or open American jacket on top for formal moments.

Tips for wearing transparencies - look 1
2. Invisible trick. For very cheeky transparencies and large necklines that do not allow a bra, an option is to sew an inner lining in flesh colour, it will look like your second skin.

tips for wearing transparencies - look 2
3. Highlight areas. Keep in mind that transparency will give prominence to that part of your body that you want to highlight more. For example, transparencies on the back, neckline or arms area, or skirt highlight those areas over others, use them wisely to divert attention to your strengths. For example, if you have a tummy or wide hips, include transparency at the top, the neck.

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tips for wearing transparencies - look 3
4. For the tightest transparencies and non-armed fabrics, do not hesitate to resort to flesh-coloured girdles (such as high panty, bodysuit, mini dress, with pants …) that will shape your silhouette.

5. Transparencies don’t lie. A transparent and tight model can be too provocative, if you want it not to be excessive, choose a discreet and dark colour that enhances your figure.

7. Without excesses. The transparencies alone give a very dressed touch to your look. Do not recharge it with overly excessive jewellery or accessories.

tips for wearing transparencies - look 6

Inspired looks with transparencies

Miranda Kerr con falda con largo midi en cuero y parte alta con transparencias

Chica usando una blusa en color negro con transparencias y bordados de rosas

#brandyusa Rene Glitter Top ✨

Lindo <3


Tendencia lencera Otoño-Invierno 2013/2014 Chiara Ferragni transparencias Guess gafas redondas

Girl wearing a black blouse with transparencies and rose embroidery