With these tips, choosing the outfit for the company dinner will be much easier.

Do you have a company dinner in just a few days and you still don’t know what to wear? Surely your nerves are beginning to act, every year the same celebration and the same doubts.

Lookie, an online sales website with a personal shopper included, will give you the keys to solve this problem. Besides, they will serve you for the rest of the commitments that arrive this December such as dinners with friends or family.

7 tips to getting your look right at the company dinner

1) It is not the best day to improvise. We are not telling you that you have to go, it would be boring, just don’t forget that it is a company dinner and that you must continue to transmit professionalism. Forget those tight dresses and heart-stopping necklines that you like so much and that looks so good on you and go for something a little “simpler”. Reserve your “Beyoncé” outfit for a night out.

Cortefiel look

2) The key is the plugins. They will become your best allies. Even if you choose a sober look, you can give it that chic touch by including a few accessories. There are so many possibilities that you can choose from that you will create a wide variety of looks using the same clothing base. What accessories are your favourites? Earrings, necklaces, hats, clutch, heels

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3) Little black dress or the basic black dress that we all have in our closet. It’s a fact, any woman has it or shouldn’t have it. If doubts about what to wear are making your days bitter, a quick and useful idea is to choose the LBD and you will be fixed instantly.


4) If the dresses are not yours, bet on the tux. At company dinners, as in any other type of celebration, you should feel comfortable with yourself and with what you are wearing. The two-piece suit is a very good option since it gives you elegance and, besides, it is totally fashionable! Combine it with a lace blouse to take it seriously and include heels to stylize the body.

Massimo dutti

5) Christmas is synonymous with glitter. The lights surround us everywhere during these dates, so why not join this aesthetic? Mind you, in moderation, we don’t want you to become a walking Christmas tree. Combine sequined garments such as a blazer or blouse with much more basic garments such as a jean. If you are a simple person, I bet on the shine of shoes and accessories.


6) Velvet, yes thank you. The softness of this fabric is perfect for the cold of winter. A perfect company dinner look can be a midi dress in your favourite colour, along with maxi earrings, heels and powerful lips. Another option is to choose a velvet blazer with jewel-type earrings, you will be spectacular.

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7) Details make the difference, take care of them. There is only one company dinner a year, so you have no excuses not to pamper yourself a little that day. Pay special attention to your manicure, hairstyle and makeup, natural or more powerful, that is up to you depending on the rest of the outfit.

Company dinner makeup

First of all, do not forget the main thing about the company dinner, having a good time. Tell anecdotes with your co-workers and enjoy the dishes that will be served.