Styling tips to choose the coat style that suits you best.

A good coat will help you cope with the winter cold in style. Depending on the shapes of your body there is a wide variety of coats that can favour you. But do you know what you should look at to choose the right one? Write down this advice.

Coat details to consider


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The three-quarter coats stylize and make you look tall. If you are tall you can buy the longer one.


fashion coats

Slightly fitted straight coats or empire cut are very flattering. If they have some volume, make sure it is in the area you want to highlight (shoulders, hips) …


fashion coats

If it is thinner and with fall (it stylizes more) or thick (it gives volume to the body).


fashion coats

Open collars, shirt tops and lapel collars are pretty and flattering but are not warm, so they should be worn with a matching scarf. A large lapel collar gives us volume on the chest and highlights this area. The closed collars, mao or chimney, shorten the neck and the figure more, although they do not need accessories to the neck.


fashion coats

Light and bold colours add volume while dark and neutral colours add style.

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fashion coats

The very flattering coats with three-quarter sleeves should be worn with long gloves of the same colour as the coat if you want to stylize the arms. The jackets with gathers and elastic bands on the sleeves and waist will give us volume.


fashion coats

Belted coats taper at the waist and conceal thick butt or thighs to highlight feminine curves. To achieve the desired hourglass shape, it is good to choose a coat with shoulder pads and large lapels, a waist belt and flap pockets.


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The gusseted and flap pockets give volume to the hips, choose them only if you have little hips. If you want to hide this part, choose coats without pockets or buttonhole type that are the ones that give less volume.


The buttons divert attention from the volume of the coat and take it where it is placed. For example, if they go from the neck to the waist, they will focus their eyes on the upper part. The buttons in the central part broaden the figure.