If you arrive in Amsterdam on a weekend, and you do not have references of places to dine and eat / brunch, I recommend these three places, each of them is located in different parts of the city, but none more than 25-30 minutes from the center.

Head over to BAUT (Wibautstraat 125) on Friday or Saturday night, it is a bar-restaurant in The Plantage neighborhood ( South-east of the city ), you can walk from the center (20-25 minutes walk) or at the bus stop metro <Wibautstraat>.

restaurantes en amsterdam baut V1:Voguemagz

restaurantes en amsterdam baut I:Voguemagz
It has a menu with international and Dutch cuisine (its chef is Michiel van der Eerde ) with average prices (the main courses are between € 10 - € 15 and starters between € 5 - € 8 ). The atmosphere of the place is very lively, at the entrance is the bar area and the restaurant room is next. If you want to have a quieter drink or play pool, they also have rooms as if you were in your living room.

restaurantes en amsterdam baut III:Voguemagz

restaurantes en amsterdam baut II:Voguemagz

restaurantes en amsterdam baut IV:Voguemagz

Two other places that also look great for brunch/lunch are The Mustache (Utrechtsestraat 141) and G’s (Goudsbloemstraat 91). If in the morning you take a tour of the Jordaan Quarter (northwest of the city), go up to the food and flower markets of Noorder-market or Lindenmarket, and then go down to G’s, it is an ideal place to have a late brunch / Food, it is a very small place with two very nice waitresses, who if they do not have room at that time … they will look for it for you.

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restaurantes en amsterdam brunch gs I:Voguemagz
It has a fairly extensive menu of drinks (mandatory to take their Bloody Mery with an oyster - € 7 + € 3), sandwiches or bagels (€ 9), salads (€ 9 - € 10) and all the combinations of Eggs Benedict that you can imagine (accessories included). The dishes range from € 8 to € 12 and you can add the accessories you want (€ 2.50 each). This place also has a dinner menu.

restaurantes en amsterdam brunch gs III:Voguemagz

restaurantes en amsterdam brunch gs II:Voguemagz
Eating at The Mustache (Utrechtsestraat 141, south west of the city) after a morning at the Rijksmuseum and Van Gogh Museum is also going to please you, this two-story place is packed on the weekends, you will find a Pretty cool atmosphere and with some waitresses with an edge, but the food and atmosphere make up for it.

Restaurantes en amsterdam brunch Moustache II:Voguemagz

Restaurantes en amsterdam brunch Moustache III:Voguemagz
It has a fairly organic menu with fruit and vegetable smoothies (average price of € 4.50), if you come at noon, you can find sandwiches on the menu that range from € 7.50 to € 10, and for dinner, the menu has average prices for the former (€ 14 - € 17) and higher for the latter (€ 18 - € 24). If you can, get a table on the second floor, it is cozier and you have more space.

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The last stop that I would recommend if you like music and especially if you are looking for (second-hand) vinyl that you would not find elsewhere or musical instruments, is Concerto (Utrechtsestraat 52, in the Barrio del Sur de Los Canales), not here You can only get lost in its music rooms, but you can have a coffee with a piece of cake or a beer (open every day of the week from 10:00 to 17:30 and with extended hours at weekends). I leave for the next visit MeatBalls (they are in the process of changing the premises and it was closed), Cotton Cake (1e van der Helststraat 76-hs), and Rijsel (Marcusstraat 52). Amsterdam is always a good choice! 🙂