The effects of Biologique Recherche have fallen in love with women around the world who are looking for natural products for the specific needs of their skin and who have found in these a perfect combination of medicine and aesthetics, from the hand of their aesthetic medicine technicians. Among them, numerous celebrities such as Bella Hasid and Alessandra Ambrosia, Victoria’s Secret angels who share their beauty secrets for the long-awaited annual fashion show, rave about products such as the P50 tonic lotion, suitable for sensitive, fine and reactive skin. Also, socialite Kim Kardashian, who has an audience loyal to her beauty advice, tells on her Integra that she uses the VIP 02 mask and the Vivant mask to achieve hydrated and perfect skin, and the former Spice Girl and British designer Victoria Beck am confessed that one of her secrets to combat body dehydration is the Emulsion Organelle Regenerate Corps cream. Likewise, luxury hotels around the world offer treatments of this brand to their most select clientele.

Face products

Facial treatments are ideal for balancing, hydrating, and reviving the epidermis and improving the quality of our skin, and providing a more radiant appearance. Below we list the most prominent facial products of the brand:

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Milk these products are highly recommended for dry, dehydrated, and aged skin as they provide hydration, renewal, and elasticity, gradually recovering dead cells and achieving a radiant appearance. At the same time, they remove impurities and traces of makeup. They differ from other cleansers because they have a fine, milky texture, do not remove natural oils from the skin, and do not leave skin taut or dry after washing. Those from Biologique Recherche contain natural ingredients, such as sweet almonds or wheat germ. They are applied to the face, neck, and décolleté both day and night with our facial hygiene routine with a gentle massage until completely absorbed. Afterward, they should never be left on (they are not cream), but must be rinsed and removed with a properly damp cloth. Then,

Masks several Biologique Recherche masks adapt to the needs of each skin. The two most used are: VIP Mask 02, ideal for tired, stressed and sensitive skin, which provides hydration, illumination, and nutrition, and are also anti-pollution, and Vivant Mask that purifies, illuminates, tones, and evens the skin.

Phases in a Biologique Recherche treatment

A Biologique Recherche treatment, both facial and body, has three phases to achieve a perfect result in each case.

Evaluation phase

It is very important to know and analyze well the skin to be treated to obtain the best treatment. That is why at Biologique Recherche they are emphatic in the role of the aesthetic medical specialist: it must be this or this one who recommends and personalizes the ideal treatment for our skin after a facial diagnosis, which centers such as Beauty Nail Concept offer free of charge. It is the most important phase to be able to identify the deficiencies and needs of each skin. Without it, some people can spend fortunes on quality products that do not serve them at all because they do not provide their skin with the necessary care.

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Initiation phase

This phase is used to see how our skin reacts to Biologique Recherche products, and it is usually carried out in the cabin in a beauty salon. First of all, the skin is prepared, cleansed, and purified, be it facial or body, to remove dead cells from our epidermis and prepare the rest for the application of products. At the same time with this phase, a more youthful, radiant, and flawless appearance is achieved. Basic products such as cleansing milk, lotions, scrubs, or masks are often used in the case of the face and body oils in the case of the body.

Treatment phase

In this last phase, we proceed to the treatment that determines the initial facial diagnosis for the type of skin in question. The most appropriate products are chosen depending on the area to be treated, such as creams, serums, or fluids that offer immediate results and that last over time. Afterward, the ideal is to continue the treatment at home with an appropriate beauty routine, prescribed by the beautician, with the recommended products.