As a woman, different figures require different kinds of styling in order our body shape and figure. Even though the trend in the regular size of woman clothing seems to be revolving around floral and soft color this summer, the summer trends for plus size women with bif bellys is just a little bit different. The main focus of the trend for plus size woman in today’s fashion seems to be all about hiding your belly. And there are three really strong trends that we will be discussing together for the next few seconds.

Tailoring and Structuring

summer plus size outfit ideas

Tailored dresses are making a comeback in the fashion scene this summer. The summer trends for plus size women with bif bellys seems to revolve around the idea of busting the belly with tight and fitting structural design. You can try to push in your belly by wearing tight fitting suit, tailored skirt and female suit. Some of the most important item to have in this fashion trend is the peplum top which will disguise your muffin top easily with the ornament around the waist. And you can always have a tailored pencil skirt that really wraps your waist and belly.

Flowy and heavy draping

If there were one trend that would never fade away in the plus size women fashion section, it would be draping. Draping is very flattering on a woman’s body especially if you have something to hide such as curvaceous figure or simply your belly. The summer trends for plus size women with bif bellys definitely will always somehow contain draping because they really are complementing women’s figure.  Several items that you need to have to follow this trend are long drippy dress, usually ones with Greek or roman accent and a maxi dress with long draping.

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Color Blocking


Color blocking is also another trend that will always give a plus size woman the best disguise of their muffin top. Color blocking is one of the summer trends for plus size women with bif bellys that is also quite popular among regular girls. Different kinds of color blocking exist to hide your belly or other parts such as big waist and posterior. The best kind of color blocking for girls with big belly is the combination of shocking color in the middle part, and then really dark color such as jet black lingering in the side of the design.