Learning about fashion is more than just learning about today’s fashion style. Because fashions are just like a rolling wheel, in the end it will always return to the past and keep repeating over and over again.

There is a lot of amazing fashion style throughout the century that deserve more attention that it has today, for example the 1920 Men Fashion style. If you are confused about the 1920 Men Fashion style, it is the one that reminds of you of movies like Oliver Twist and such. The 1920 Men Fashion can be considered as elegant and stylish, so what are the most 1920 Men Fashion item that you should know?

1920s Men Fashion Item : Trousers or Pants

Let’s start it from the bottom. Trousers or pants are one of the most 1920 Men Fashion items that you just can’t forget. The most popular style trousers of this era are the one that hung down and then stop near the ankles and exposing a little bit of shocks, at than time this is considered as stylish.

Another popular style of trousers is the Oxford Bags. What are Oxford Bags? This is where the trousers are getting bigger and looser down to the ankles. These trousers are very popular during that era and often being used by celebrities and even Gangsters.

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1920s Men Fashion Item : Stylish Suit

Another most popular 1920 Men Fashion item that you just can’t forget is the stylish suits. Yes, suits areone of the most important item during that era, it seems like almost everyone using suits no matter what the occasions is. There is a lot of kind of suits during this era, but some of them feels quite casuals with a lot of choice of patterns. Stripes with dark colors is to most popular pattern during that era, they are simple, but enough for giving a touch of quality to the suits.

Don’t Forget the Hat

If you look at old gangster movies, you will see how often they wear hats alongside their suits. Their style is mostly inspired by 1920 Men Fashion style. A hat in this era is a very popular fashion item, and not just a normal hat.

The most popular hat is fedora, beret,Bandera, boater hat, newsboy hat and many more. Nowadays, a lot of people started to use this great Gatsby style hat again, and this will certainly make their appearance become even more classy.