There are a lot of things we can explain about mens urban fashion. Looking urban is pretty easy especially since many of us are living urban lives. The urban fashion trends keep on changing every year. New trends pop out of nowhere ready to displace the previous trends. Tumblr is a microblogging site where you can find information about urban fashion. In choosing an outfit, make it simple. Looking urban is not about covering up with redundant fashion. It is better to keep it simple, something that you can wear everyday without looking out of style. Tailor it to your personal preferences.

mens urban fashion tumblr

Everyone has a particular trend is they are mostly crazy about. Search for those crazy trends on Tumblr. Everyone also has a different fashion season. When do you shine the most? Is it during winter or summer? Urban fashion shares similarities with other styles. The most striking resemblance is in terms of colors. As usual, blue shades have always become the top picks for spring collections. Whether you want to wear a pair of jeans with a shirt, a t-shirt, or jacket, make sure one of those is solid blue. Please keep up with the trends.

Aside from reading Tumblr subpages, you can also visit fashion blogs especially those dedicated for men. The key to looking urban is trying to step out of your comfort zone. Yes, you should wear an outfit that flatters, but going out of character is also welcome. There are lots of great patterns to explore, such as plaid, native, flowers, stripes, and even animal prints. All of these patterns are unique in their own way. Some are very bold and strong, taking the urban style to the next level. Try new combinations until you find one that really fits.

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mens urban fashion blog

The information-provided on fashion blogs can be accessed for free. Some of them may offer subscriptions, but only subscribe if you feel sure. There are many well-known online magazines offering this service. You can buy the digital version of those magazines because they are cheaper. Sportswear is another way to look urban. This trend will never die. Stick to this kind of trends. Sportswear is a staple that guys will always need until forever. Wearing a pair of sneakers will turn up the urban vibe. Try also a dress shirt, a tee, and rolled-up pants. Basically, there are many great combinations to mix and match. Footwear is not limited to sneakers. Men have just as many choices as women. Rugged lace-up boots can be a great alternative. As for a shirt, it can be worn beneath a blazer.