If you are a star, you have to employ sunglasses. Day or night anywhere you come up; you have on your tones. And nowadays, the celebrities love employing Culte, a new Miu Miu Sunglasses items; stated the StyleWatch-ers displaying Dianna Agron as well as Miranda Kerr, and also Rihanna with the tones in question.

For the like kind of a tough girl, it was great to watch Rihanna lessen up while on holiday in St. Jean de Luz, France. Rather than employing her trademark denim, leather, also spikes, the celebrity going for a one-piece floral as well as Miu Miu’s “Culte” pentagonal funky glasses. She completed off the vintage image with a woven by braiding updo and ruby-red lips. She looks so glamorous isn’t she?

If you want to get this image, get yourself a pair of Miu Miu Culte glitter sunglasses, offered in Miu Miu’s website for the price of $390. And if you love the sunglasses you should check the 6-minute movie named The Woman Black that launched the glasses back in February. The film displays intonation witches (appareled in Miu Miu) who shape a mantra on a guiltless women and made her into another Miu Miu dress.

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