Women’s shirts. Do you know those pieces that are real wildcards to have in the closet? Well then, the shirt is part of this select list. The piece, in the printed version, gains a cool air and is ideal to be used in the summer.

And there are prints for all tastes and styles: from the classic poá - fashionistas’ darling - to the stripes, passing through the florals. Anything goes. Want to know how to use it?

How to wear women’s shirts In practice

Options for using the piece abound. The best? You can use them on a variety of occasions. At work, for example, coordinate in a more classic way that never goes out of style: with good flare pants and heels. On the other hand, if you are not afraid to dare, it is worth investing in a maxi model with the face of “I stole from the male closet”. It is chic and super cool and can be used with skinny or short.

For the most relaxed moments, our tip is to combine with a high waist and finish off with a little one at the end - fashionistas favorite trick. Want to wear the printed shirt in beachwear? Also worth it! Accompanied by the good old denim shorts, everything is good.

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