(80s Fashion Items)For all of you fashion lovers, remembering the past trend is also a great thing to do. Because you see fashion trends are like a rolling wheel, it will keep repeating the old trends all over again.

One of the greatest eras of fashions is the 80’s, yes, you probably know it as your mother and father (or even grandparents) fashion style. Even if you are not into oldies fashions, but you can still learn about The 80s fashion for some occasions such as costume parties for example.

Today we will give you some of the 80s fashion must-have items! What are they?

The 80s Fashion Item: Leggings and Leg Warmer!

black express scarf gray h m blazer white forever 21 shirt black joyce les 400:Voguemagz

The 80s fashion items that you just can’t forget are leggings combine with leg warmers. You have probably often seen in old movies or old aerobic VHS your mother used to play. The legging that you can use aren’t just usual leggings, but some colorful leggings, using neon colors are the best choice or if you want to be braver than using animal print legging is also appropriate. The great part of this is that it is appropriate to use any colors of the leg warmer to pair with your leggings. Remember, the key is to be as colorful as possible.

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The 80s Fashion Item : Shoulder Pad

80s ladies dress with shoulder pads 400x684 1:Voguemagz

Shoulder pad isn’t odd stuff to be used in some of the woman’s clothing, even until today, but back in the 80’s it’s the 80s fashion item that you must have. It wasn’t a normal-sized shoulder pad, but the egg-sized one, that is why the woman in the 80 always looks like they have a broad shoulder. The shoulder pad doesn’t only come behind a blazer, but clothes like one-piece dress sometime use one too.

The 80s Fashion Item: Off Shoulder Shirt

prada vintage white off the shoulder dress product 1 16658306 1 952318880 normal large flex 400x533 1:Voguemagz

As a matter of fact off-shoulder shirt still can be found until today, but who knows that it is also the 80s fashion items as well? This fashion style can be considered as sporty casual but sexy at the same time. They usually come with a very loose shirt, especially around the shoulder part. So loose that some people often choose to use a tank top behind it, but some prefer to don’t.

The 80s Fashion Item: Washed Jeans

karen millen blue jeans vintage wash collection skinny jeans product 1 20078195 1 359114376 normal 400x500 1:Voguemagz

Who knows that washed jeans are also one of the 80s fashion items as well? Well, the washed jeans during that time are probably quite different. Today washed jeans can come in any colors, but during the 80’s the most popular washed jeans come in pale denim colors. So it used to have a very dirty look on it.

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