(Rules of your own style.)Fashion has existed since human beings created hierarchies in society. From Egypt and Greece through the French court to this day, we have made appearances our letter of introduction to the world. The way we dress, the choices we make regarding our personal style, say many times more than we imagine.

This is why the subject is worth paying attention to, it is not following fashion, it is making fashion our ally to create our own identity.

Every morning when we stand in front of the closet we ask ourselves many unconscious questions, which inadvertently affect our choice of wardrobe. That is why I want to call on you today to be aware of what we speak to ourselves in front of the closet. Many times we will discover something that bothers us, we will know why we are not satisfied with something, or we will discover things that we did not know about ourselves.

The climate, the occasion of use, even our mood are decisive factors in making stylistic choices, however building and finding our own style, and dressing by and for ourselves will make everything flow.
For our style to be unique and authentic and above all reflect who we are, we must follow the following premises.

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Rule # 1. Fashion DOES NOT matter.

We can be lovers of her or not. Follow the latest trends or NO. To have styled it is not necessary to go with what the latest Vogue dictates but we can carry and adapt trends. By doing this it does not imply that we are fashion victims as long as they are not the daily protagonists of our style. That is why we must be clear that we enjoy fashion, to adapt it to our own style. The trends are there, use them to your advantage but also understand when something is not going with you.

Rule # 2. Don’t dress to please others.

This is very important because although we dress so that they see us, we must do it from our own conscience, the first person who should like what we are wearing is ourselves. Never use something because someone likes it more than you.

Rule # 3. Don’t believe in the rules of fashion.

The difference between fashion and style is that fashion has subjective rules. That some colors do not combine, that at a certain age some things can no longer be used, that white is not used in winter, etc. All these rules died to give way to style, In style the only rule is to please yourself to send a coherent message of who we are.

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Rule # 4. Evolution.

Our personality is not static, we are human beings made of energy and for this reason, we are always transforming ourselves. So is our style. As much as we have found the “uniform” with which we feel super good, it is normal that we are changing and adapting to other aesthetics while our personality continues to do so.

Rule # 5 If you doubt, don’t buy.

Buy consciously, do not use shopping as therapy (although sometimes it works) many times we end up buying things that we do not wear and we buy them on impulse. We can have a closet full of clothes and still not find anything that goes with our personality. This is why it is very important to get to know each other beforehand and then make the necessary purchases to fill our style closet.

5 basic rules, if you follow them little by little you will find the way to your own style, filling your days with complacent aesthetics, self-knowledge, and authenticity.