Tennis Bride. The best thing about fashion is that you can adapt it to your taste and personality. With ceremonies considered traditional by society, it is no different. A while ago weddings started to be more daring and the trend of the tennis bride came together to make the moment even more full of attitude!

Do you want to know more about this cool and comfortable production? We tell you everything with the bonus of great tips. Check out!

Tennis bride: comfort has arrived at the altar!

Yes, you can celebrate! If you are no longer adept at wearing high-heeled sandals daily, you are certainly happy that the darling little shoes and sneakers are the newest trend in weddings.

After all, nothing better than being beautiful and very comfortable to enjoy one of the most special days of your life - if not the best of all!

Choose the right color and dress

Considering that you have adhered to the style and are going to be a tennis bride, it is important to pay attention to some points. If you chose this type of footwear, it means that it is part of your personality and you need to highlight it. That is where the choice of the perfect dress and the ideal color comes in!

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This is a moment of many doubts, as it is a more than special occasion and you need to choose all the details of your look. Among the various options, evaluate the ones that give prominence to the feet. That is dresses with slits or even shorter models. Everything so that your shoes are not only a good ally to walk, dance, and enjoy the party in comfort, but also to draw attention as a striking detail of the look.

Regarding the color of your pair of sneakers, you will have several options. From the classic white or pearly to colors that break the monotony of the composition. Some brides choose the black all-star in the botinha style, making the counterpoint with the white of the dress. Others want a more cheerful combination and can choose one of the colors in the decoration chart. This is a great trick to not miss!

Tips to match your party

It’s your decision. You can be the one to break the pattern or you can create a cool atmosphere at your wedding. What do you think of wearing shoes combining color with your fiance and creating another proposal for groomsmen and bridesmaids to match as well? The atmosphere of the party can be much more relaxed and the face of the couple!

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