The shoes are always high and never go out of fashion. They are responsible for providing a lot of styles, in addition to comfort as it keeps the feet coated and safe. Faced with the daily rush, nothing better than wearing beautiful and comfortable women’s sneakers for tennis 2021 to provide relief to the feet. In a new scenario, Summer 21 arrives bringing elements that speak to the so-called new normal, without losing the inspiration, lightness, and joy of the season.

For you to get in the mood and be well informed of what’s coming, we anticipate some of the trends in women’s sneakers for the next season, check it out!

Flatforms: To see the world from above

It is not today that platforms have invaded fashion. This is another one of the thousand references of the 2000s that transformed the way we wear and dress and will probably stay around for a long time. Besides being beautiful, they are super cool and easy to use.

As much as their appearance is heavy and combine more with light looks, you can use creativity and dare in the visual. It is possible to use flatforms models even in more formal or serious attire, breaking your sobriety.

Contrary to what you might think, flatform is not exclusive to women’s sneakers. You will find the same characteristics present in sandals, sneakers, and several other models.

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The New Chunky

The female chunky tennis 2021 sneakers are nothing more than one of the women’s shoes that looks heavy and has a sole big one. The proposal of this model lives precisely in exaggerated proportions. The mega-tracked sole and the characteristic look of the early 90s.

In 2021, the chunky remains firm and strong, this time absorbing the candy-colors of the season. On our website, you can find sneakers via mars worked with these latest trends in the fashion universe for you to adapt to your routine and create incredible compositions with these models.

The Slip-on we love

Here, practicality is the watchword. Slip-Ons are those sneakers without laces that, to put on, just slide your foot and fit the shoe. They look amazing without a sock and are perfect for those who want to stretch the silhouette since they are usually the models with the lowest barrel and show a lot of ankles.

Not every slip-on is the same. There are more casual models, such as the Moleca brand, which are ideal for your daily life. It is worth looking for your perfect slip.

Refurbished Classics

A classic sneaker is that pinch of stripped style that so many looks desperately need. They are impactful in an elegant way, ideal for combining with more serious compositions without losing style and comfort.

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One of the classics that first comes to mind is casual tennis. This model won people over and hit the streets, providing versatility to create and combine, in addition to ensuring comfort. Whether to go to the office or take a walk on a beautiful sunny afternoon.

You already fell in love, right? The women’s tennis 2021 sneakers are all good and have one for each style. Do you have any suggestions for a theme that you really want to see around here? Write to us in the comments! We’ll love to see your message.