There are numerous things we can learn from 80s punk fashion. The fashion trends over the course of that decade were heavily influenced by Billy Idol, The Ramones, and other celebrities of the 80s. With a great mainstream appeal, punk fashion influenced many people and reached a very wide audience. These fashion trends can be sported by both men and women. Though they are commonly associated with men, they are pretty much gender-neutral. If you are a man and want to try to punk it up, it is important to explore the roots of this trend. This can give you an idea of where the movement of the trend resorted to.

80s punk fashion men

Some trends from that decade are still referenced to this day. You can take cues from the way people dressed up back then. Yes, the 80s was the era of unique fashion styles. They were infectious and original. They caused mass hysteria and made people want to emulate. Here are some ideas to represent yourself as a punk boy. Wear black leather pants. If you already have these, then move on to the next step. Colors play an important role. Stick to the hues people used to wear. Do not stray too far from what was all the rage. Each style has its signature colors. You can’t explore too much because they can make you look like sporting another style.

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It was not taboo for a man to wear a plaid outfit together with jeans. Plaid is still admired to this very day. Only last year it made a comeback officially and people were crazy over plaid outfits. Metal was a granted material. It was usually transformed into accessories. The punk style is all about looking weighty with heavy metal. People could not leave their homes plain without metal accessories. They always brought unique metal items with them. Another idea is applying colorful prints to outfits. Fabrics were made with vibrant colors. Many nonchalantly mixed flashy colors on their outfits

80s fashion for women

Well, you should dare yourself to do the same. Try it only if you are dedicated to emulating the style totally. While many use the style as a statement of rebellion, women are always welcome if they want to partake in the development of the style. Women have tons of interesting options when it comes to the punk style. If you want to get into the punk spirit, find out how the women of the days gone by rocked their outfits. As for hairstyles, the mohawk is the best to represent the style.