As long as you know what not to pull attention to and what you want to highlight, a bathing suit can be worn by everyone. A good start deciding your dream swimming suit involves thinking about your body shape. Here are some fantastic tips for the perfect suits to suit your need for swimwear vintage style whether you have wide hips, short legs, a larger bust, a small bust, a long torso, a thick waistline, a short torso, or a bit of a belly.

Swimwear vintage style through the decades

In the Forties, there are cunning details for bathing suit like cutouts and typically has no breast padding. To meet the rations, designers add keyholes and cutouts due to wartime limitations on least possible fabric usage. The popular textile was satin stretch with Lastex. This decade swimwear vintage style typically featured a naked stomach but covered bellybutton area in waist two-piece swimsuit style.

In the Fifties, fabric is similar to undergarments and to help to highlight assets and cover-up weaknesses, the hourglass shape of the swimsuits are favored to form and mold the body with construction details. The swimwear vintage style featured bust padding or bust support. The suit commonly featured zippers at the back to cinch, boy-cut leg openings and restraint panels.

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In the Sixties, the swimwear vintage style featured modifiable shoulder straps, bust support, and the midriff being the focus making the two piece swimming suit reclaimed popularity. Movie stars and the media had helped the bikini launched into mainstream approval. Also common is textiles with bold patterns and wild colors.

The thong was familiarized in the Seventies. Spandex and nylon mixtures were dominant and the leg cutout stretched upper on the hips. Swimwear vintage style overall became scantier, smaller, and more tight-fitting and String bikinis turn out to be common.

The Eighties swimwear vintage style focused on shoulders and backs of the athletic body. There was a comeback of the one piece with bandeau tops, T backs, low cut bodices, and racer backs.

Some important tips

If you have Wide Hips, to camouflage the hip area, buy a one piece that reaches high on the thighs or choose skirted suits, boy shorts, or dressmaker suits. This will pull the attention away from the hip area and elongate the legs. You can also minimize the hips by wearing playsuits. If you have short legs and want to lengthen them, increase the length look of your leg with a one or two piece swimwear vintage style that is cut high on the leg cutout such as Eighties swimsuits.

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