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Surf on the beaches of the South of the Nicoya Peninsula, Costa Rica on the Beach



If the next stop is Peninsula Nicoya (southern area) you will most likely have to go through Puntarenas, for this you have to take the Ferry, and cross the entire city until you reach the port (it has no special interest beyond making a stop for lunch or Take a walk on the beach). The shipping company that crosses you to the peninsula is Tambor II, it has a cost of 11,400 colones ($ 23) for the car and 810 colones ($ 1.5) per person, And you buy the tickets in a small office that shares space with a bakery (by the way, any questions you have about it, the bakery owner must have extensive experience in being asked the same thing several times a day and beyond monosyllables, You are not going to get anything, so wait until the ticket offices open to ask). The journey is 70 minutes and you disembark in Paqueras (this town has nothing interesting beyond being the connection point).

If you have crossed without a car and are waiting for them to take you to your destination by bus, several buses take you to the towns in the south of the peninsulaMontezuma, Mal País or Santa Teresa or taxis, all of them are next to the station. tickets. The roads in the south of the peninsula are not good at all, you have a good number of unpaved sections, so you will not be able to exceed 20 kilometers per hour and if you happen to have a storm, you will have to slow down.

Beaches of Montezuma, MalPaís and Santa Bárbara

Three towns that you are going to have to visit and more if you like surfing are Montezuma, Mal País and Santa Teresa (these last two are together). The atmosphere of these is very relaxed, many young people wanting to have fun.

The town that has the greatest offer to rent boards, clothing or classes to start surfing is Mal País, it is also the town with the best beach, both for the waves and for the breadth, you can access the beaches with the car, but it is advisable to leave it on the sides of the road that crosses the town. The beaches in the mornings and afternoons are a veritable hive of people with their boards, no matter how old you are, only the desire and the ability to maintain yourself count. Montezuma also has a good beach, although it is smaller and with less offer than Mal País, if you come here for lunch/dinner, stop by the Colors Restaurant(You can’t miss it, you’ll see it on the way to the beach), it has a menu based on very good pasta, salads, and fajitas, at average prices.

In this area, there is also the Quizales beach (it is one of the few beaches in this area that has a cliff ) from which you have access through the Hotel Tambor, and the biological reserve of the Juan Castro Blanco National Water Park (they do not open Monday or Tuesday) to be able to do a route. If you’ve come this far, take the opportunity to relax on these Pacific beaches, with black sand, very warm water, and a leisurely pace.

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